Dr Phil: Nik Richie Takes Down Kourtney Compton Photos On TheDirty.com


Kourtney Fooled By Dylan the Catfish

Kourtney Compton thought she found love with Dylan on the internet. She sent him personal information and was completely fooled by someone known as a catfish. She was strung along for months until being contacted by Victoria and Ron about the fake profile.

Ron the Internet Consultant Tries To Catch a Catfish

Ron tried to hunt the man responsible down, but Daniel, the man in the photos, was his main suspect. He sent him and Dylan several emails to try and get the profiles down, but only succeeded in getting a restraining order.


Dr Phil: Nik Richie Takes Down Kourtney Compton Photos On TheDirty.com

Dr Phil called ESPN and got Kourtney Compton a meeting with ESPN. Nik Richie, founder of TheDirty.com, agreed to take down Kourtney’s photos.

Ron said he put up three profiles of himself as different women. Out of everyone today, he is the only one that can admit to having made a fake profile. He said that he was trying to catch a certain male catfish and have him shut down.

Nik Richie Takes Down Photos Of Kourtney On TheDirty.com

Kourtney sent several personal photos to Dylan the catfish. When she stopped responding to him, Dylan put the photos up on TheDirty.com. She has tried to have them taken down, but had no success.


Nik Richie, creator of TheDirty.com, came to Dr Phil. Richie said he would have the photos taken down and said that catfishing is never OK. It’s become a trend recently, but he called it distasteful and hurtful.

Kourtney lost her job and internship when the photos on TheDirty.com were posted. She dreams of being a correspondent for ESPN. Dr Phil called in his favors at ESPN and obtained a sit down with executives for Kourtney. She will get a behind the scenes tour of the North Carolina headquarters and a conversation about working with ESPN.

Dr Phil: Catfish With a Twist

Dr Phil said that it isn’t hard to get caught up in a catfish scheme. You should approach situations with care. It’s up to you to decide who catfished who in this drama, but I’ve still got my suspicions about Daniel. Ron was not all that he appeared and went about everything the wrong way. I think Victoria was right in her suspicion that it was either Daniel or someone close to him.


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