Dr Phil: Mom Supports Daughter Being Exotic Dancer & Older Boyfriend


Pageant Princess Alicia Guastaferro “Wife Swap Hooker?”

Alicia Guastaferro was dubbed the “Wife Swap Hooker” after a horrible ordeal with her sort-of boyfriend at a truck stop in August 2012. She was painted as a spoiled brat on Wife Swap and she is determined to prove that she is not the person people thing she is.

Dr Phil: Mom Supports Daughter Being Exotic Dancer & Older Boyfriend

Karen told Dr Phil she supports her daughter’s career as an exotic dancer because it brings in good money. She lets Alicia have a 54-year-old boyfriend.


Wife Swap Father Goes To Jail For Money Laundering

Alicia said her parents are felons. They have a lot of problems with the law. Her father was sent to jail for money laundering. When he was arrested, the last thing he told Alicia was to support the family no matter what.

With her mother on house arrest, Alicia went out to find work. She found exotic dancing and the money was good. Alicia’s parents supported her “1,000 percent” and drove her to work. She was just a teenager.

Dr Phil’s goals in this interview are to get Alicia’s side out there and to clean up their family dynamic. He wants to make them aware of the dysfunctions in their lives so they can deal with them.


Mom Supports Daughter’s Career As Exotic Dancer

Karen, Alicia’s mom, said that she has had a lot to do with Alicia’s problems. The financial strain had a big effect on Alicia. She began bartending at 18 and exotic dancing at age 19. Her mother didn’t think much of it, she just saw the amount of money coming in. When she found out that Alicia was an exotic dancer she was concerned about her safety.

They took measures to ensure Alicia’s safety and the money was too good to pass up. Alicia wanted someone to step up and stop her from dancing, but her father told her she must support the family. It was ingrained in her being to support her family no matter what. Alicia’s father could not be on the show because he is on home confinement.

Dr Phil Wants Everyone To Read Life Code

Dr Phil pulled his Life Code card for Alicia. He said that Alicia’s mother really needs to read this book. She knew that Alicia was dating a 54-year-old man at age 20. All she did was Google him and thought it was acceptable for them to date.

Alicia said that she was in such a daze that she didn’t think much of the relationship. Alicia’s man friend, Jimmy, never responded to Dr Phil’s staff.

“Did you think he wanted to discuss constitutional briefs or your briefs?” Dr Phil quipped.

As for Alicia’s drug use, it’s clear that she is not on them for recreation alone. Dr Phil believes that she has some problems if she was prescribed all of these medications: valium, lamictal, paxil, ambien, ritalin, lortab, flexeril. Alicia was never checked on her levels of these medicines.


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