Dr Phil: Miss Teen Utah Contestant Catfished & Harassed By “Dylan”


Dr Phil: Catfish With a Twist

Dr Phil: Miss Teen Utah Contestant Catfished & Harassed By "Dylan"

Kourtney was a Miss Teen Utah contestant who met Dylan, a modeling agent, online. He tricked her into changing her life, but he was just a catfish.

Catfishing is when a person creates a profile and tricks another person into believing they are that fake profile. Things get out of hand and money is exchanged, or personal information. In the end, someone is destroyed and hurt while the other person gets away with it.


Miss Teen Utah Contestant Catfished By Dylan

Kortney Compton met Dylan online. He claimed to be a modeling agent and Kourtney was a Miss Teen Utah contestant. He knew all of the modeling language and she had a lot in common with Dylan. They were seriously talking and she tried many times to get him out to see her in Salt Lake City.

That’s when the first weird thing happened. Dylan told Kourtney that his sister was diagnosed with cancer and he had to take care of her kids while she was in surgery. He sent her pictures with the kids. The next time he was supposed to visit, Dylan said his father had a heart attack. The third and final time, Dylan told Kourtney that he had a blood clot in his leg.

He sent Kourtney photos of his swollen leg, but she couldn’t see his face. He called her a bully and broke off contact with her. A few weeks later, Kourtney got a Facebook message from Dylan. He said he missed her and wanted her back in his life.


Dylan Tricks Kourtney Online

Dylan had contacts at ESPN and got Kortney her dream job, paying $1,500 a week. He offered to be her modeling agent and wanted her to move to Los Angeles. Kourtney agreed and he told her to sell her car and move in with him.

Just after she sold her car, Kourtney got a Facebook message from Victoria, a woman who was looking into who Dylan really was. She had hired someone to investigate Dylan and found out that he wasn’t all he said he was. Dylan’s real name was Daniel. Kourtney’s world fell down around her.

Kourtney Confronts a Catfish

Kourtney tried to call him and he wouldn’t answer her calls. She texted him and told him that she had found out things from Victoria. Daniel had a beautiful girlfriend and a life that Kourtney was clearly not a part of. She broke things off with Dylan, but he kept harassing her. He said that he was being harassed in turn by other people on Kourtney’s behalf.

Dylan vowed to ruin Kourtney’s life. He posted scandalous photos of her online, causing her to lose her job and internship in broadcast and fashion journalism. He posted the photos on revenge websites and now Kourtney can’t go anywhere without being followed by this trail of photos and rumors.

Kourtney knows that there is someone behind Dylan, but it’s not really Dylan/Daniel.


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