Dr Phil: Mary Kay Attacked By Wade Ridley & $10 Million Match.com Suit


Dr Phil: Match.com Attacker

Wade Ridley and Mary Kay only dated for eight days, but he responded by attacking her and leaving her for dead. Mary Kay didn’t like his controlling and monitoring behavior, so she broke things off over email. Her friends told her to get rid of him and she agreed with their ruling. Wade was upset and told her that she picked friends over him.

Three months later, Wade came to her home and stabbed her multiple times. When the knife broke, he began smashing her head until she stopped moving and making a sound.


“I was not there to hurt her,” he said. “I was there to kill her.”

Dr Phil: Wade Ridley Prison Sentence

Mary Kay doesn’t remember anything about the attack. She was able to read Wade’s very sick and descriptive police statement about what happened. She had cuts on her head, neck, and wrists. Wade faced a 70 year prison sentence for what he did to her, but he killed himself in prison.


Dr Phil: Match.com Lawsuit

Dr Phil: Mary Kay Attacked By Wade Ridley & $10 Million Match.com Suit

Mary Kay was attacked by a man she met on Match.com. She is now suing the website for not warning users.

Mary Kay’s attorney has filed a $10 million lawsuit against Match.com for Mary Kay. He said that the advertising of Match.com makes you want to test the site by seeing who is single near you. He said that Match.com does not warn about the dangers of online dating. They are not blaming Match for Wade Ridley’s conduct, just the failure to warn and exploiting emotionally vulnerable people.

Match.com answered and said that they are sorry for what happened to Mary Kay, but they do warn their users in several places on the site. They called the lawsuit “absurd.”

Dr Phil’s Final Comments

Without diagnosing Mary Kay, Dr Phil saw that she is dealing with some post-traumatic stress disorder. He said that common signs of PTSD include rational regression, which is a fear about the event happening again. It’s important to see that irrational fears mean there is little chance of the event happening again.


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