Dr Phil: Mark Refuses the Polygraph & Ignores Dylan’s Disappearance.


Dr Phil: Disappearance Of Dylan Redwine

Dylan Redwine has been missing since November 19 2012. He was last seen in Durango, Colorado on a visit to his father. Dylan is five feet tall, 105 pounds and has blonde hair and blue eyes. He recently turned 14-years-old. If you have any information on where Dylan Redwine may be, called 970-382-7511.

Dr Phil: Mark Refuses the Polygraph

Dr Phil: Mark Refuses the Polygraph & Ignores Dylan's Disappearance.

Mark refused the polygraph and focused on his own struggles.


In the conclusion of this Dr. Phil Investigates, Dr. Phil told Mark just how his actions are affecting his son, Dylan. Mark disqualified himself from a polygraph and failed his first test months ago. Dr. Phil brought in Jack Trimarco to administer an FBI official polygraph on Mark.

Mark argued with Trimarco about the amount of alcohol he had in the last 24 hours. He complained about the treatment and way the test was administered.

“You should be doing backflips right now to be taking the polygraph test,” Trimarco told him. Trimarco has never had a parent, guilty or innocent, refuse the polygraph test.


Mark still doesn’t believe he was the last person that saw Dylan. Dr. Phil, looking stressed and disheveled, got in Mark’s face. He told him how he wanted to find Dylan. He devoted two hours of national television to finding Dylan and Mark won’t do anything to eliminate himself from the investigation.

Dr Phil: The Search For Dylan

Mark wanted to focus on himself only. He complained about the way he was treated and how his wife argued with him on stage. These were things that had nothing to do with Dylan. While they are issues, Dr. Phil wanted to focus on Dylan.

By focusing on himself, Mark didn’t do himself any favors. Dr. Phil told Elaine that they had taken it as far as they could. There is no evidence to prove that Mark knows where Dylan is or what happened to him. While there can be allegations and suspicions, they cannot say he is guilty of anything.

Dr Phil praised Elaine and Cory for being courageous and coming to the show. He hopes they continue to fight for Dylan and his return.


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