Dr Phil Mark Disqualifies From Polygraph Test & Feels Attacked By Cory


Dr Phil: Mark’s Last Chance

Dr. Phil gave Mark one last chance to tell him what happened to Dylan. After three months of investigation, no one has been able to find evidence of where Dylan is.

Dr. Phil told Mark that Jack Trimarco, an expert polygrapher, was the key to clearing his name. His staff made arrangements for Mark to go straight from the taping to Trimarco to take the test. Mark said he is not afraid of the truth but the test will not help him. Mark swears that he wasn’t involved in the disappearance of his son, Dylan.


Dr Phil Mark Disqualifies From Polygraph Test & Feels Attacked By Cory

Mark got no sleep and came drunk to his polygraph test.

The way Mark acted on stage during the interview concerned Dr. Phil. Mark had no emotion, while his ex-wife and Dylan’s mom were very passionate about finding the truth. Mark was more concerned with other questions and himself than with talking about Dylan.

Dr Phil: Jack Trimarco Lie Detector Test

Mark went to Jack Trimarco’s office and had a chat with the polygrapher. He said that he was feeling very attacked after talking to Elaine and Cory. He said he needed time and didn’t want to feel pressured into doing the test. Trimarco agreed to give him time to process and planned to meet the next morning for the test.


Instead of resting, Mark only got three hours of sleep and then drank half a bottle of Jim Beam to disqualify himself. Elaine said that it was typical Mark behavior.

Dr Phil: Mark Disqualifies From Polygraph Test

Trimarco said that Mark appeared agitated and unwell when he arrived to take the test. He didn’t trust the process and started giving answers to different questions. Trimarco has concerns about the man. He has never had a mother and father, innocent or guilty, refuse to take the test.

Mark said he felt very attacked and was upset with everyone after the taping. He felt it was a platform for Elaine and Cory to attack him. He said he still feels like the only one looking for Dylan and will never forgive Cory for his mean words.



  1. Lloyid Aasen says

    No one should take a lie detector test under conditions such as Mark’s situation on the Dr. Phil show. After reviewing scientific evidence the US Supreme Court has held that lie detectors are pseudo science. There is no body of scientific evidence correlating any particular physiological/neurological reaction with truth or dishonesty. Mark obviously does not have the same psychological reactions as many other people but nothing that occurred on Dr.Phil established anything whatsoever other than that the shows host understands that sensationalism boosts ratings.

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