Dr Phil Lipstick Bounty Hunters Attack Danny Duvall, Want Reality Show


Dr Phil: Lipstick Bounty Hunters

Danny said that he was viciously attacked by three women called the Lipstick Bounty Hunters. He was called by one of the women to get a picture and finger prints. He was claimed to have violated his bond, but the women treated him like a violent criminal.

Dr Phil Lipstick Bounty Hunters Attack Danny Duvall, Want Reality Show

Danny was attacked by the Lipstick Bounty Hunters in an Arby’s parking lot. He is suing them for mistreatment.


He was shot by a stun gun and rubber bullets in an Arby’s parking lot. The bounty hunters ended up blinding Danny when they took him down. They broke his nose and he said that he was almost beaten to death.

Dr Phil: Lipstick Bounty Hunters Attack

Danny and his attorney are now suing these women so that they can’t do this mistreatment to another person. They believe that the women are trying to get their own reality show and did the attack to attract interest. The men want the women to be held accountable for their crime and have their bounty hunter license revoked.

Danny’s charges that the women claimed on him were never given to him. He thought everything was fine with his finances and the courts didn’t have a warrant out for him. He believes this was just gross mistreatment.


Dr Phil: Suing the Lipstick Bounty Hunters

Danny’s attorney wants to know why these women arrested him. He agrees that not paying his fines was a breach, but it’s not proper to arrest him for it. The attorney and Danny filed a lawsuit against the Lipstick Bounty Hunters and the women also plan to file a suit.

Just watching the video you can tell that these women were trying hard to sensationalize the arrest. If you were a bounty hunter for the sake of justice, would you waste the time filming your arrests? Would you also only take $250 for the arrest with all of the pain you have to go through?

The bounty hunters attacked Danny in a public setting and his attorney said they could have hurt bystanders. It’s a very messy situation, but just on this information it seems that the Lipstick Bounty Hunters are the ones at fault. Maybe they need to reevaluate their tactics and line of work?


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