Dr Phil: Kill Katie Klub Bully’s Family Hate Documentary Accusations


Dr Phil: Nick’s Family Defends Their Story

Katie’s been bullied for over a year now. Her mother stands behind her and has evidence against the bullies. The family didn’t want to be in the same room as Katie and Giselle. They both have different versions of what they believe to be the truth.

Nick’s mom Michelle thought that if Katie was being bullied, she wouldn’t invite herself to the group. Michelle thought that none of the kids were brave enough to stand up to Katie but Nick. Nick called Katie during school and apparently was nice about turning Katie away. Katie was backstage and she protested what Michelle said.


Dr Phil: Kill Katie Klub Bully's Family Hate Documentary Accusations

Katie claims that her bully’s family and the school are making a Kill Katie Klub hate documentary against her, not a positive school project.

Dr Phil: Nick’s Sister Calls Katie Out On Bullying

Katie explained that she asked multiple people and Nick called her to say that no one likes her, she can’t come. Nick’s sister Morgan stood up for her brother, like any sister would and should. Morgan said that media hasn’t been painting Katie as the bully, but they should. Katie said that she has said mean things that she shouldn’t, but Nick said she should be killed.

“Has he killed you? No!” Morgan blurted.


Whoa, add that to the rising angry and rude comments from Nick’s supposedly-angelic family. Dr Phil said to slow down. What she said wasn’t right and shouldn’t be trivialized.

Dr Phil: “Westview Pride Club” & Hate Documentary Accusations

Katie told Dr Phil that people are still going around school, trying to recruit to the Kill Katie Klub and a hate documentary about her. Daniel said that his daughter Morgan was trying to make a video in defense of her brother. She believes that Westview High School is a good school and the video was not about Katie.

“The Westview Pride Club” was meant to put out positive messages and Morgan asked the administration before she started it. Giselle came back and said that there was evidence in her multiple binders that she gave to Dr Phil proving the videos were attacking Katie.


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