Dr Phil: Kill Katie Klub Apology & What Bullying Does to Children


Dr Phil: Kill Katie Klub Brings in National Attention

Katie has been bullied and believes her life has been threatened. The “Kill Katie Klub” was a rude comment made by a teenage boy and it’s ruined multiple lives. Katie said she can forgive, but she can’t forget. All Giselle wants is for the family to apologize and to put this all behind them.

Dr Phil: Kill Katie Klub Apology & What Bullying Does to Children

Katie got her long awaited apology from her bully’s parents. She hopes this will stop the Kill Katie Klub, but cannot forget the pain it has caused.


Dr Phil: Nick’s Family Apologizes for Bullying Katie

Michelle did apologize to Katie for Nick’s words, but said that Katie has hurt Nick in turn. What happened wasn’t right and Michelle agrees. This is the first time that Katie has received any apology.

Nick did not appear on Dr Phil. His mother said he is focusing on school, graduating, and going to college. This has become a red stain on Nick’s image. Michelle believes that someone has to stand up and stop this madness that Giselle created. Nick has refused many times that he has anything to do with Katie’s bullying.

Giselle jumped into the ring and said that Nick’s family doesn’t know what she’s gone through. She’s had to defend her daughter and try to protect her younger, 10-year-old from the hate messages. She wasn’t telling her younger daughter what was going on, but the community did at a cheer event. Giselle was furious and said that they don’t understand a child crying in bed every night, fearing for her life.


Nick’s family says that’s not true. As Nick applies for college, his name is now tied to being a bullying. Giselle said she has never once disclosed his name and that Nick was the one that came forward with his involvement. She didn’t want to reveal him, he did it to himself was how she talked.

Michelle Taunts Giselle on Dr Phil

The cream on top of all of this was Michelle’s rudeness toward Giselle. Dr Phil was going to read some polygraph results that Giselle requested, but Michelle made a taunting hand gesture at her during a break. Giselle asked what was so funny about her daughter’s pain.

The playback proved that Michelle was taunting or waving at Giselle and smiling. If she wanted nothing to do with her, Michelle should have just starred straight ahead and ignored Giselle. They said Giselle was starring them down, so MIchelle smiled and waved. She did apologize if it hurt Giselle’s feelings. It doesn’t make any sense as to why Michelle would smile and wave like that to Giselle.

Dr Phil said he takes bullying and bullying accusations very seriously. He’s given both families the chance to be fairly represented in this interview. He asked that the adults behave like adults.

Giselle provided the statements for the polygraph test. While this is unusual, the test was confirmed fair. The test showed that this is what Giselle believes to be true and she is not sensationalizing or misspeaking as to what she believes to be true.

Dr Phil: Kill Katie Klub Reaches a Resolution

“If they’re willing to leave my family alone, and leave my daughter alone, and to get off the Internet, and to stop harassing … if everyone involved is willing to do that, I’m willing to end it,” Giselle said. “That’s all I’ve ever wanted from the time it started. But it’s not just Nick. All of them — if they all do this, I’m going to stop.”

Michelle asked Giselle to stop using Nick’s name in the media and told Katie that Nick would never contact her again. Giselle agreed, as long as the entire family stops harassing.


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