Dr Phil: John Esposito In Jail For Kidnapping & Abusing Katie Beers


Dr Phil: Katie Beers Kidnapped

In 1992, 10-year-old Katie Beers was kidnapped and held captive by a family friend. She had known John Esposito her entire life. Katie had been abused by her aunt’s husband and no one believed her, so when she was taken be John, Katie went into survival mode. She wanted out, she wanted freedom.

Dr Phil: John Esposito Abducts Children

Dr Phil: John Esposito In Jail For Kidnapping & Abusing Katie Beers

Katie Beers was not the first child that John Esposito abducted.


Katie wasn’t the only person that John tried to take. He was caught taking a kid out of a shopping mall and it was well known he had an obsession with children. The things he did to Katie are unspeakable. He held her in a dungeon he constructed under his home. The dungeon was hidden by a bookcase, under tile, carpet and cement. It was sound proof and Katie was constantly chained to a bed.

John is currently serving a 15 to life sentence in prison. He is up for parole again in September 2013. Katie has met with his parole board and assured them that he would not be a productive member of society. She hopes that he dies in prison.

Dr Phil: Katie’s Strategy

Dr Phil said that when Katie was in the dungeon, she would ask John a series of questions. She asked him what her future would look like. She wanted to have kids, get married and have a job. He assured Katie that he would have the money for both of them. She would marry him and have his kids.


Katie told him that she didn’t want that. She hoped that he would get the hint and release her. Dr Phil believes that this did help her release.

Dr Phil: Katie Beers In 2013

Today, Katie is 30 and has a family. She has written a book, Buried Memories, about being kidnapped. Her co-author wrote to John to ask for an interview. He wrote back saying that he was punished in prison and just wanted freedom. Sounds familiar.


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