Dr. Phil: Jessica Buchanan Was Abused By Her Captors & Constantly Sick


Dr. Phil: Jessica Was Abused By Her Captors

When negotiations were not going well, Jessica Buchanan’s captors would take out their frustrations on her. Any time Jessica would show emotion in the form of crying, the pirates would become aggressive. Since they did not know what to do to calm her down or make her stop, they would become angry with her, screaming orders to be silent or hitting her. She spent days not being able to express any type of emotion – fear, anger, sadness or otherwise.

Dr. Phil: Jessica Buchanan Was Abused By Her Captors & Constantly Sick

Jessica Buchanan was often abused by her captors.


Jessica Tried To Build Camaraderie With Some Of the Pirates

On a day-to-day basis, the pirates, Jessica and Poul were learning the ins and outs of each other. The pirates were worried that their prisoners would run off, and the prisoners were afraid they would be shot. The atmosphere was constantly tense.

Jessica made an attempt to find a few of the pirates with which to build a camaraderie with because she was ultimately dependent on them for her survival.

Jessica Buchanan Was Constantly Sick

There was a lot of disease going around in the group. They had two bowls and four cups to share among the entire group, and since they were in the middle of the dessert, there was no real way to wash these. Going to the bathroom for many meant taking some water with you and using your hand to wipe with. The amount of germs and infection that spread around the camp were enormous. People were constantly running into the bushes, retching due to some stomach bug.


Jessica would use cardboard from the occasional box of cookies and newspaper other times as toilet paper. The negotiator, who understood that women had more needs than men where sanitation is concerned, would bring her some supplies on occasion, but not that often.

Jessica Bunchanan’s Proof Of Life Video

At one point, the negotiators on our side wanted to be sure that Jessica Buchanan and Poul were still alive. In the proof of life video that the pirates sent, Jessica looks nothing like she does in the interview. Her eyes are sunken in, she looks sickly and her skin is caked with dirt.

Jessica had seen videos like these on the news before, but never imagined herself being in one. She was forced to say that she was being treated well, to tell the American military not to attack and that her family needed to get more involved because they weren’t doing enough.

Jessica Buchanan Was Touched By Her Captors

As time went by and negotiations were not going well, Jessica Buchanan knew that her captors may begin to make unwarranted advances towards her. Jessica would wake up in the middle of the night with the negotiator’s hands on her, and he would kiss and touch her on other occasions.


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