Dr. Phil: Jessica Buchanan Rescued By Navy SEAL Team 6 After 93 Days


Dr. Phil: Jessica Buchanan Did Not Think Anything Could Be Done

At one point, Jessica Buchanan corresponded with her husband to clear up lines of communication between the pirates and her family. Throughout the call, Jessica’s husband continually told her that they were doing everything they could, and though Jessica believed him, she had little faith that a resolution would be made.

“These people are crazy,” Jessica said, “and you’re not going going to be able to reason with them.”


Jessica remained strong throughout the call with her husband because, if it was the last time she would ever speak with him, she wanted him to remember her as being strong. Jessica didn’t think that there was anything anyone could do, but little did she know, there was.

Dr. Phil: Jessica Buchanan Rescued By Navy SEAL Team 6 After 93 Days

Jessica Buchanan was rescued from the pirates by Navy SEAL Team 6.

Jessica Buchanan’s Rescue

January 24, 2012 came and went like any other day throughout the abduction. It was nighttime, and the most of the camp was asleep, save for a few. Suddenly, one of the few still awake began worriedly whispering to his comrades with fear in his face. Suddenly, as Jessica Buchanan put it, the entire night erupted into gunfire.


Jessica wrapped herself up into a blanket and pressed herself as low into the ground as she could get, just waiting to see if something hit her. All she could hear was the sound of gunfire, screams and people dying around her.

Initially, Jessica thought it was another clan coming to kidnap them from the group they were with, and all she could think about was how she did not have the strength to survive another kidnapping.

Jessica Buchanan Was Rescued…By SEAL Team 6

When the dust had settled, a man shouted to Jessica, telling her that they were going to take her home. One picked her up, threw her over his shoulder and carried her to a safe zone where they gave her antibiotics, checked her vitals and informed her that they knew she was out there and that she was very ill. It was at this point that her colleague, Poul, told her that this was Navy SEAL Team 6, the same group responsible for the assassination of Osama Bin Laden.

Despite being surrounded by some of the most capable warriors in the world, it wasn’t until Jessica was hundreds of feet in the air aboard a helicopter that she believed that she had survived.


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