Dr. Phil: Jessica Buchanan Captors Were On Drugs & Wanted $45 Million


Dr. Phil: Jessica Buchanan Thought She Was Going To Die

Jessica Buchanan, out in the dessert with Somalian pirates, thought that she may be assaulted and violated by these men, but that never came. After being captured and driven into the middle of the dessert, Jessica and her colleague, Poul, were forced out of the vehicles and told to walk. They walked for quite some time into the darkness of the desert, and were told to get down on their knees.

At this point, Jessica thought her life was about to be over. She started talking to her mom who had recently passed away. However, the shot never came. Instead, she heard one of her captors shout the word “sleep,” at which point she collapsed to the ground and somehow managed to fall asleep. After being subjected to such extreme tension for such a long amount of time, she just passed out.


Dr. Phil: Jessica Buchanan Captors Were On Drugs & Wanted $45 Million

Jessica Buchanan was held by pirates that were oftentimes high.

Jessica Buchanan Talks About the Pirates

According to Jessica Buchanan, many of her captors are what the U.N. would consider child soldiers, a group that Jessica had set out to help in her social work. In fact, one of the captors was so young that she mistook the 11-year-old draped in belts of ammunition to be a woman due to the pitch of his voice.

One particularly frightening child soldier she dealt with went by the name of Abdulah. He would control her right down to the position in which she sat, ordering her to move six inches to one side or the other with gestures and clicks of his tongue while staring at her through dead eyes. This 11-year-old had already killed three people and was always high off a stimulant, what Jessica thought to be a recipe for disaster.


The irony of Abdulah? He sported one of the red bracelets that Jessica had handed out to children at her talks to try and shy Somalian children away from becoming child soldiers, meaning one of the most sadistic pirates she was held captive under had been to one of Jessica’s meetings. Needless to say, Jessica suffered severe disillusionment in her cause upon this discovery. “I am so stupid to think that I could have come here and done any kind of good,” she said.

Pirates Were Always On Drugs

The pirates watching over Jessica Buchanan and her colleague were always walking around the compound chewing on a green leaf referred to as “khat,” which works like an amphetamine – paranoia, dilated pupils, wide eyes, lots of nervous energy and trigger happiness. Sometimes, they would would sniff a white powder that they claimed to be cocaine, which made many of the pirates even more cruel and aggressive.

Jessica Buchanan Lived Under Poor Conditions

Throughout the course of her kidnapping, Jessica Buchanan and Poul lived under extreme conditions. During the day, they were put under trees and at night were forced to sleep out on the sand. Jessica never considered signaling for help in any way because she never had any hope that anyone would find them. They were constantly being moved.

Several days into the abduction, Jessica and Poul asked the leader of the abductors if they were going to be killed, and he told them that all they wanted was money, and that nobody was to be killed. It was a cold comfort, considering that the pirates, given that they had no concept of what the U.S. dollar was, asked for $45 million in exchange for these two aid workers. They had no concept of a dollar, and their frustrations brought about by the negotiations that were predictably not panning the way they wanted them to were oftentimes taken out on Jessica and Poul.


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