Dr Phil: Jerrie Jones Felt Like a Victim, Used by Mark Strickland


Dr Phil: Confronting Jerrie Jones, Shawna’s Shooter

Jerrie was only 14 when she shot Shawna in the face with a sawed-off shotgun. Shawna was badly disfigured and her entire life was changed. Jerrie said that she was just caught up in the wrong crowd.

When she was a teenager, Jerrie started hanging out with a friend that introduced her to Mark Strickland. Strickland had robbed Ken’s Grocery Store several times. He told the girls that it was easy and gave them the necessary materials to rob the place. Jerrie was given a gun but Mark Strickland told her there was no ammunition in it.


What Happened When Jerrie Jones Robbed Ken’s Grocery Store?

Jerrie was robbing Shawna when the gun went off. She didn’t think that it was loaded and doesn’t remember holding it to her face. She said that after the gun went off she took the money and ran.

Dr Phil: Jerrie Jones Felt Like a Victim, Used by Mark Strickland

Jerrie Jones told Dr Phil she feels like a victim and was used by Mark Strickland as a teenager. She wants to set the record straight on her past.


When remembering the robbery, Jerrie was very upset. She can’t believe that the gun was loaded and regrets what happened. She went to jail for felonious assault and robbery for six years. Once in jail, Jerrie decided to turn her life around. She said she takes full responsibility but it was never her intention to hurt her.

Is Jerrie Jones a Victim?

Jerrie Jones said she feels that she has paid her debt to society and Shawna. She is sorry but doesn’t think of Shawna. She said, “God has closed out that part of my life. I’ve been moving on and moving forward with my life.”

Jerrie said that a lot of what Shawna said is skewed. She claims that she never kicked Shawna on the ground or put a gun point blank on her face. She doesn’t remember cursing at Shawna. Jerrie said she was a victim as much as Shawna. She is glad that Shawna is still alive, but she was used by Mark Strickland and wants to set the record straight.



  1. DB says

    Jerrie Jones is NOT a victim. She deserves nothing. 6 yrs is nothing. She was lucky she should have been charged with attempted murder. She has no remorse. She should she have to pay for all of Shawna Hunter’s bills. All of her losses.

  2. Sherry says

    Jerrie Jones is a pathetic human being who has no remorse for what she has done. I don’t believe she feels the slightest bit bad for wrecking Shawna’s life because she can go on living her everyday life like nothing ever happened. She would feel completely different if she bare the scars herself.

  3. steve corley says

    All that criminal was concerned with in the interview was herself.She was NOT about to take responsibility for what she did.Shawna will spend the rest of her life with the memories ans pain,physical and mental.Yet,Jones expects Shawna to forgive her? I’d forgive Jones…with a 12 gauge to the face in return.Thats a fact!

  4. GP says

    Jerrie Jones is a low life piece of trash, not a victim at all. Watching her on the show was disturbing as she is not remorseful for anything she did. She should be thankful that the USA doesn’t use an eye for an eye/tooth for a tooth sentencing. She’d have a very different attitude. She should have to live with the face disfigurement, nightmares and depression, not Shawna Hunter.

  5. Brent Rossiter Chch New Zealand says

    Grrrr! All the other comments sum it up. Self righteous piece of trash. eg; the way, after she (jerry) asks Shawna for a hug, Shawna agrees, which I believe is more for jerrys own self benefit than for Shawnas, but after Shawna says thank you, the trash says “YOUR WELCOME”!!! As if she has just done her a favour. Instead of saying “No, thank you for giving me this opportunity to ask for your forgivness”. But apparently “IT” doesnt feel as if it needs to ask for forgiveness, as it has already forgiven itself anyway. Long ago.

  6. Devin says

    Jerrie is a disgusting person. She’s vile. She’s fake. She’s a typical hood burger with no soul. She will get what’s coming to her if she hasn’t already.

  7. Kara Holt says

    Jerri Jones is one of the most vile creatures ive seen on Dr. Phil. All of her responses are shockingly cold and unfeeling. 6 years is nothing in comparison with what Shawna is still going through 21 years later

  8. Dd says

    I hope the victim files a lifetime lawsuit against Jerrie Jones, and every cent she makes is sent to Shawna, pathetic

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