Dr Phil: Jasmine Shot In The Leg & Aurora Colorado Theater Shooting


Dr Phil: Aurora Colorado Theater Shooting

Dr Phil: Jasmine Shot In The Leg & Aurora Colorado Theater Shooting

Jasmine fears that the shooter from the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting will come and finish her off.

Jasmine thought that July 20 2012 was just like any other day. She went out for a friend’s birthday after work and they decided to go see the midnight release of The Dark Knight Rises40 minutes into the film, Jasmine heard screaming and people running from the auditorium. Her friend threw her to the ground and another friend yelled for her to run. Jasmine’s whole body was numb from being shot in the leg.


She was one of the last people to be rescued from the theater. She feared that the shooter would come to finish her off, but an officer got her safely in the back of his SUV. Jasmine found out that the bullet shattered in her leg and created nerve damage. She is currently in a splint and is unable to drive. She relives the shooting every day and fears that this will happen again.

Dr Phil: Getting Over Tragedy & Coping With Suffering

Two weeks after the shooting, Jasmine’s boyfriend Austin proposed. She thinks that 19 is too young to get married and wants to wait two years. Austin doesn’t understand Jasmine’s pain and suffering because he wasn’t at the shooting. She said he is being unsympathetic and doesn’t want to take care of her. Jasmine told Austin that if it were him, she would be taking care of him.

Austin doesn’t understand why Jasmine can’t get over the shooting. He thinks she should be back to normal by now and doesn’t understand that she can’t meet up with him like before. She can’t drive because of her foot and the splint she wears. Jasmine doesn’t want to go out or to movies because she fears it will happen again. She wants to be able to run from her attacker.


Dr Phil: J.R. Martinez Coping With Crisis

J.R. Martinez stuck around to give this couple his perspective. After his accident in Iraq, Martinez is now dating and has a new baby. He said that taking care of someone after a tragedy is what you do when you love someone. Austin and Jasmine need to support each other and give Jasmine time to heal.



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