Dr Phil: James Deen TMZ, Farrah Abraham Lying? & Farrah’s Parents


Dr Phil: Farrah Abraham Lying?

Is Farrah Abraham lying? Dr Phil could not believe that the media savvy reality star thought she could do this project under the radar. She said she does not care whether people believe her. But Phil wondered whether she thought the public should buy her story.

Dr Phil: James Deen TMZ, Farrah Abraham Lying? & Farrah's Parents

Is Farrah Abraham lying to Dr Phil and the audience about her role and intentions in making an adult movie with star James Deen? What do her parents think?


In a survey of the audience, a handful of people believed Farrah’s story. A larger group thought she was out to cash in, though some people were undecided.

Dr Phil: James Deen TMZ

Abraham’s father said that adult film star James Deen is predator who has harmed his family. In a TMZ video, Deen said that he could not lie or go along with the story, and Farrah’s father thought this incident hurt his family.

Dr Phil: Farrah Abraham Parents

Dr Phil wondered why this counted as abuse. Farrah’s father, Michael, said that Farrah’s parents and grandparents were blindsided by the news and comments, because they did not know about the video at all.


Deen’s version of the story was that this was a commercial project for which he was contracted. He said that he refused to go along with the lies surrounding the movie.

Farrah said she had no reason to tell her parents the details of her private life. I still don’t get who has the money or drive to commission a professionally produced adult video for their own private use. The reality star continued to rebuff the notion that she did this to cash in.

Farrah Abraham Vs Dr Phil

Dr Phil wondered why she hired an adult film production company, which she could not answer. She kept trying to redefine the words involved and insist that this was something she did only for herself.

She dismissed “trashy things” and words Dr Phil used to classify the project. “This interview’s going to look really silly when that tape comes out,” Dr Phil predicted.

Dr Phil wondered why she did not just own what she did, but either Farrah is in denial, or she is a great liar.


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