Dr Phil: Jack Trimarco FBI Polygraph & Does Mark Know Where Dylan Is?


Dr Phil: Where Is Dylan Redwine?

Since Dylan disappeared three months ago, Mark has been under attack. His ex-wives have spoken out against him, but he is currently not a suspect in Dylan’s disappearance.

Dr Phil: Mark’s Ex-Wife Betsy

Betsy told Dr. Phil that Mark is not a nice man. They were together from 1984 to 1990 and during that time Mark physically abused Betsy. She said she was afraid that Mark was going to take her kids and she would never see them again. In 1990, Mark didn’t return their children to Betsy. She filed reports with the police and had the children removed.


Dr Phil: Jack Trimarco FBI Polygraph & Does Mark Know Where Dylan Is?

Dr. Phil offered Jack Trimarco, the country’s top polygraph operator, to clear Mark’s name.

Betsy said she doesn’t doubt that Mark would hide or hurt Dylan. She said that since the beginning, Mark’s story has changed. Mark has said that he went looking for Dylan at his friend’s house, but the friend didn’t answer the door. The story has also been that no one was home and that the friend didn’t know where Dylan was.

Dr Phil: Mark’s Sons Weigh In

Mark’s son Brandon refused to take sides, but he does think that something is going on with Mark. He said that growing up his mom Betsy had a lot of hatred for Mark. He only reached out to Mark again because Dylan was missing. He noticed that Mark wasn’t helping the investigation and Mark asked Brandon what he would do in his position. Brandon said he would be shouting from rooftops trying to find his son.


Brandon believes the focus is on Mark because nothing else has come along in the case. Mark doesn’t do anything to take the focus off. Cory jumped in and said that Mark has been focusing on the wrong issues, like where Dylan’s fishing pole was.

Dr Phil: Does Mark Know Where Dylan Is?

Weighing in on what he’s observed, Dr. Phil said Mark is “smug,” “unplugged” and “combative.” He is not engaged in finding Dylan. Dr. Phil thinks this is either because he doesn’t care or he already knows where Dylan is. Mark said he feels attacked by the entire country.

Dr. Phil offered Mark Jack Trimarco, a polygraph operator who trains the FBI polygraphers. Dr. Phil assured Mark that this is the best polygraph operator in the country.


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