Dr Phil: J.R. Martinez Dating & Defense Mechanism Preventing Trust


Dr Phil: J.R. Martinez Dating & Defense Mechanism Preventing Trust

J.R. Martinez and his girlfriend Diana told Dr Phil that they are having problems focusing on their relationship in the midst of their fame and new baby. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Dr Phil: J.R. Martinez & Girlfriend Diana

After his accident in Iraq, J.R. Martinez became very closed off. He was ignored when he would go out with friends and the only time people wanted to be around him was after he got famous. Martinez said this has caused a lot of trust issues in his life.


He thought when he was burned that his life was over. He then did a complete 180 and got into acting and became a popular public figure. He met his girlfriend Diana and eight months into their relationship she got pregnant. Just when Martinez thought he would never have a family, he was blessed with a daughter and a girlfriend that love him.

Dr Phil: J.R. Martinez Trust Issues

Even though life sounds peachy for Martinez, he told Dr Phil that he has a lot of trust issues. These are holding him back from taking the next step and marrying Diana. He said that people dropped him when he was disfigured, but then wanted to be his best friend when he started hanging out with celebrities. He had a big struggle figuring out if he was worth being loved.


Dr Phil: J.R. Martinez’s Defense Mechanism

Diana said she is ready to take the next step with Martinez. She wants to make a life with him, but his trust issues prevent them from getting that close. They were friends for three years before dating for two. Diana said that Martinez is very closed off to people and lets friends go easily. Martinez said it’s a defense mechanism.

Dr Phil: Making A Family Plan

Since his accident, Martinez uses his story to help others. He and Diana don’t get time to work on their relationship between a baby and Martinez’s public engagements. He said that he doesn’t get time to work on his own stress and self because he is constantly helping others.

Dr Phil said that when his family moved to Hollywood they made the decision together. If one of them had said no, Dr Phil would have moved them all back home. He suggested that Diana and Martinez take a family plan to make everyone happy.


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