Dr Phil: Inappropriate Relationship With Minor Sends Frank On the Run


Dr Phil: Frank Accused & On the Run

Frank served 25 months in prison for having an inappropriate relationship with a player he coached in basketball. He told Dr Phil that the girl and her friends skipped school one day and he turned them in to the main office. They were suspended and a week later the girl said they had an inappropriate relationship. Her friends backed her up and Frank was suspended from teaching.

Dr Phil: Inappropriate Relationship With Minor Sends Frank On the Run

Frank was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with one of his female high school basketball players.


He took a plea bargain for a 25 month prison sentence by using the Alford Doctrine. This meant there was mounting evidence against him but he maintained his innocence. Frank served his time and now cannot coach anyone under 18.

Dr Phil: Looking Up

Two years after getting out of jail, Frank married Donna. Donna said she thinks the man she met and married is not capable of having a relationship with teen girls. She is disgusted by the relationship, but believes he has changed. Things were looking up for Frank.

They had a son and he was approached by parents to help coach the boys basketball team. He refused for a while, then got permission from his parole officer to be a participating parent. After coaching one game, he was wanted for breaking his parole. He said the parole officer didn’t remember giving him permission. Frank went to jail for 24 days.


Recently, another warrant came out for Frank’s arrest. He has no idea what it is for, but he decided to run. Frank is now hiding from the law.

Dr Phil: Going To CosmoGirl

The girl that claimed to have inappropriate relations with Frank went to CosmoGirl magazine and told the graphic story of their relationship. He said that their relationship was inappropriate, but only because of how close they were. He leaned on her because she was his captain and star player, but never slept with her or called her his soulmate. He admitted to kissing her hello now and then, but not in a loving way. He said she was accused of something much different.

Frank hopes that Dr Phil can help him.


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