Dr Phil: Frank’s Many Inconsistencies & Did He Violate His Probation?


Dr Phil: Frank On the Run

Frank is running from the law. He violated his probation multiple times, but doesn’t see it the same way as the authorities. He had a close relationship with a female high school basketball player he coached over 10 years ago. He pleaded guilty to receive a lesser sentence, but maintained his innocence. Frank’s name has been trashed online and he believes he is innocent. His wife Donna is sticking by his side despite the multiple inconsistencies.


Dr Phil: Frank’s Inconsistencies

Dr Phil: Frank's Many Inconsistencies & Did He Violate His Probation?

Frank is hiding from the law and running after violating his probation. Donna blames the probation officer for her husband’s problems.

Frank told Dr Phil he had an idea who was accusing him. He had caught the group of girls sneaking out of school the week before. He did confront them the same day he was sent to the office for his behavior. He said he never had physical relations with the teenager, but paid money in a civil settlement to her.

He said their relationship was too close. They had constant contact and talked every day. He believes he crossed a line, but never into anything illegal.


Dr Phil: Frank’s Probation Problems

After the lawsuit and getting out of jail, Frank was not allowed to have unsupervised contact with minor. He was banned from coaching anything ever again. He said his probation officer gave him permission to coach his son’s basketball team. He was an active parent on his son’s sports team, but the probation officer didn’t have the authority to give him that permission.

Frank crossed a line with the court. Donna acknowledged that, but still thought the probation officer should take the fault because she allowed it. She believes her husband is being bullied by the system.

Dr Phil has a lot of faith in the judicial system. He thinks that Frank needs to stop running and work with the problem.


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