Dr Phil: Dorothy’s Murder Plot & Protecting Your Family From Abuse


Dr Phil: Did Dorothy Want George Dead?

Dr Phil: Dorothy's Murder Plot & Protecting Your Family From Abuse

Dorothy and George’s friends and family are divided on what really happened with the murder plot.

George believes that his ex Dorothy plotted to have him murdered. He said that the FBI told him Dorothy had a shooter she was going to send to his home. Dorothy pleaded guilty to the charges in order to receive a lesser sentence. She told her side from jail over the phone.


Their friends took sides in the argument. Dorothy’s friend Linda believes that her friend was set up by George. She things that George is a shady man that will do anything to ruin Dorothy’s life. Another friend of the family and father of their grandchild believes that Dorothy did try to have George killed. He said Dorothy was the antithesis of all things evil.

George said that Dorothy tried to cover her tracks and had his body sold to science. She didn’t want to pay for his funeral one day, so she forged the paperwork to have him disposed of. Despite being in jail, Dorothy still wouldn’t say she did want George dead.


Dr Phil: How To Protect Yourself In an Unhealthy Relationship

Dr Phil said that it’s important to protect yourself in unhealthy situations. You can prepare yourself by using the following six steps. They will prepare you and your family should things get bad.

  1. Listen to yourself and make plans about what to do in a bad situation.
  2. Talk to an advocate for an anti violence center.
  3. Talk to your kids about safety and make a plan about what to do in bad situations.
  4. Make copies of all of your important papers.
  5. Seek legal advice.
  6. Seek a therapist.


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