Dr Phil: Dorothy Plots To Kill George With Flea Market Shooter For $2K


Dr Phil: George & Dorothy Murder Plot

George and Dorothy didn’t have a happy marriage by any means. They divorced and George said he left with just a couple bags of underwear. Dorothy got everything else and then he believes she tried to have him killed. There was a plot, caught on tape, for Dorothy to pay a man $2,000 to have George killed.

Dr Phil: Dorothy Plots To Kill George With Flea Market Shooter For $2K

Dorothy may have plotted to have her ex-husband killed. She pleaded guilty to receive a lesser sentence, but the evidence against her is mounting.


George thinks his ex-wife is evil and diabolical. He is insulted that she only wanted to pay $2,000. George said that if she wanted him dead, she should have gone to Chicago or New York for a good hit man.

“So you’re getting whacked by a flea market shooter?” Dr Phil joked.

She pleaded guilty to the charges in order to get a lesser sentence. Dorothy gets out in September 2014. She said she is barred from seeing her kids, her grandchild and friends. Dorothy hates her ex, but she said she never wanted him killed.


Dr Phil: Wiretapped Confession

George told Dr Phil that Dorothy also killed his mother and her other husband. She wanted George dead so she could get insurance money.

Dorothy claims she was framed. A man put a wire tap on and went to speak to her about killing George. It was straightforward and she plotted his death openly.

“I just want him dead,” she told the man.

Dr Phil thinks the evidence is pretty straightforward. Dorothy called in from jail and answered to George’s accusations. She said she is innocent and will continue to stand by that. George also thinks that she had tried to poison him. His daughter brought over beans for him and 15 minutes after eating them, George had a heart attack.


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