Dr Phil: Donald Sterling + Maserati & V Stiviano Platonic Relationship


Dr Phil: V. Stiviano Platonic Relationship

Dr Phil spoke with V. Stiviano, the woman who worked with Donald Sterling, about the nature of her relationship and why people have persistent questions about the gifts she received and what the LA Clippers owner received in return.

Stiviano told Dr Phil that people are being judgmental and assume it’s impossible for her to have a platonic relationship with Sterling. “Why it is impossible?” she asked, pointing out that Sterling had the means to do whatever he wanted for whomever he wanted.


Dr Phil: Donald Sterling + Maserati

Dr Phil: Donald Sterling + Maserati & V Stiviano Platonic Relationship

Dr Phil questioned V. Stiviano about a tape involving Donald Sterling describing her body to someone named Maserati, and his wife’s lawsuit against her. (Eric Broder Van Dyke / Shutterstock.com)

Stiviano said that he liked her, and that they had a better relationship than he had with his own children. Dr Phil asked about someone named Maserati, who supposedly arranged the relationship for Sterling. She said she has never met him.

Dr Phil presented her with a tape of Sterling speaking to Maserati, in which he talked about how hot she was and how nice her body was. He claims on the tape that she blackmailed him into giving her what she wanted.


Stiviano said it sounded like his voice, but she had no idea why he would say these things about her. “It’s not true. Only he would know why he would say that,” she said.

Dr Phil: V. Stiviano Lawsuit

According to a lawsuit filed by Sterling’s wife against Stiviano, it is alleged that the two have a physical, romantic relationship. “A lot of people are being led to believe that you were,” Dr Phil said.

Why would he and his wife say that? V. Stiviano told Dr Phil that they are both knowingly lying. “He chose to be generous and kind to me,” she said. “Why would he even allow his wife to sue me?”

Dr Phil: Was Sterling’s Wife Jealous?

Dr Phil suggested that she may have been jealous of Stiviano’s relationship with her husband, given the dollar signs involved. “Did you ever think it was improper to accept these gifts from this married man?” he asked.

She said that she never thought it was improper, and that she thought she was receiving gifts from her boss. Dr Phil got Stiviano to graphically deny that anything physical or inappropriate ever took place between them.

“I was not only his assistant. I was his caretaker. I was his mother. I was his secretary. I was his driver. I did everything for this man in the last three years,” she said.


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