Dr Phil: Disappearance Of Dylan Redwine & Father’s Suspicious Behavior


Dr Phil: Disappearance Of Dylan Redwine

Dylan Redwine was a happy 13-year-old boy. He took a visit to see his father in November 2012 for Thanksgiving, but the day after he arrived in Durango, Colorado Dylan disappeared. It’s been three months since anyone has heard from or seen Dylan. His family held candlelight vigils for his 14th birthday and his mother said she gets up in the morning to find Dylan.

Dr Phil: Disappearance Of Dylan Redwine & Father's Suspicious Behavior

Dylan Redwine was texting until 9:30 p.m. the day before he disappeared.


Dr. Phil talked to Dylan’s mother Elaine about the steps they have taken to find Dylan. Is his father impeding their search?

Dr Phil: The Day Dylan Disappeared

Dylan’s father said that Dylan flew in from Colorado Springs and didn’t want to go out to dinner. They went to a quick dinner at McDonald’s and Dylan texted his friends about meeting up while in Durango. They went home and Dylan fell asleep on the couch. The next morning, his father woke him up to tell him he was going to run errands.

Four hours later, Mark returned home. He said the television was on a Nickelodeon show Dylan liked to watch. Dylan wasn’t around, so Mark took a nap. An hour later he couldn’t find Dylan. Mark texted his ex-wife and asked if she had seen Dylan.


Dylan’s backpack, belongings and fishing pole were missing from his father’s home. His friends hadn’t heard from him all day. Elaine’s divorce attorney called Mark before they knew that he was missing. Mark said he has nothing to do with Dylan’s disappearance.

Dr Phil: Elaine’s Side Of the Story

Elaine said that nothing adds up. Dylan didn’t watch Nickelodeon, he watched MTV. She never called her divorce attorney after Dylan went missing. Mark has done everything but look for Dylan, and he’s acting suspiciously, she said.

Dylan was a texter, but his last text was sent at 9:30 p.m. the night before he went missing. He was excited to see his friends, his mom told Dr. Phil, but unhappy to be at his father’s cabin because it was so isolated. 9:30 p.m. was an early bedtime for Dylan, who usually fell asleep near midnight.

Dr Phil: Elaine & Mark Haven’t Talked In Three Years

Elaine and Mark haven’t spoken in three years. She tried to call and text him after Dylan went missing, but Mark blocked her from his phone. Dr. Phil said this is ridiculous and doesn’t add up.

If you know anything about Dylan Redwine or his whereabouts, call 970-382-7511.


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