Dr Phil: Disappearance Of Dylan Redwine & Dylan’s Brother Investigates


Dr Phil: Disappearance Of Dylan Redwine

In part one of the search for Dylan Redwine investigative episode, Dr. Phil talked to Dylan’s parents, Elaine and Mark. Dylan went missing in November 2012 and hasn’t been seen since. He was staying with his father in Durgano, Colorado. Both parents pointed fingers at each other, saying the other one had something to do with the disappearance.

Dr Phil: Disappearance Of Dylan Redwine & Dylan's Brother Investigates

In part two, Karen stands up for Mark’s parenting and his relationship with Dylan.


Today, Dr. Phil is talking to Dylan’s brother and Mark’s other paramours about what they believe happened to Dylan. Cory said his father has never been there for him or Dylan and wants him to step up in the investigation. Mark’s ex-girlfriend stands up for Mark and tells the media to back off.

Dr Phil: Cory Redwine Steps Up For Dylan

Cory obviously misses his 14-year-old brother Dylan. He’s been an active part of candlelight vigils and raised money for the Dylan Redwine fund and reward. Cory thinks that Mark doesn’t care about Dylan and isn’t a good father. He called Mark a selfish and arrogant man.

Mark said that Cory organized a rally at his cabin where the community came with “pitchforks and guns” and wanted to “rip his finger nails out.” Mark thinks Cory has been turned against him by Elaine.


Cory said he can never have a relationship with his father. He believes strongly that Mark is involved. Mark has not helped, in Cory’s eyes. He said Dylan never looked up to Mark.

Dr Phil: Karen Stands Up For Mark

An ex-girlfriend who spent time with Mark and Dylan, Karen, called the Dr. Phil show to stand up for Mark’s parenting. She said that Dylan wasn’t an early riser and Mark had to travel to make a living. She said that everything Mark said in part one is true and that he had an excellent relationship with Dylan. She doesn’t believe that Mark would ever hurt Dylan.

She told Elaine, “how dare you point the finger at Mark when you have no proof.”

Dr. Phil stood up for Elaine and told Karen she has no idea what Elaine is going through and she needs to step out of the situation. Karen and Elaine agreed that the Redwine family needs to be united in trying to find Dylan.


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