Dr Phil: Did Rob and Mike Murder Alex Or Were They Falsely Accused?


Dr Phil: Hit & Run Killing Or Falsely Accused?

Alex was found beaten and run down by a car in the middle of a road. In a 9-1-1 call, the person who found Alex’s lifeless body said he was bleeding out of the nose and the mouth. Alex was still alive when they got him to the hospital, but he passed away the next day.

His parents and sister said that Alex’s death was no an accident, but a premeditated killing. They have a mountain of evidence and point the finger at Rob. Did Rob and his friends kill Alex?


Dr Phil: Did Rob and Mike Murder Alex Or Were They Falsely Accused?

Alex’s family said he was beaten and run over by Rob’s SUV before being left for dead.

Dr Phil: Alex’s Murder

Alex was just 20-years-old when he was killed. His parents, Carol and Tab, said that he was a popular, happy kid. His sister Jana said he had fallen into the bad crowd.


The night he died, Alex went to buy ecstasy. Later that night they got the call that Alex was in the hospital.

Once there, Jana was given Alex’s phone. He had three missed calls and voicemails from Rob. The first two were sent before Alex’s death. They were full of curse words and said that Alex had left a message on a phone he wasn’t supposed to call. The man who left the voicemail, Mike, said that they were going to kill Alex.

The third voicemail was much calmer and scripted, Tab said. The person on the phone said Alex jumped out of his car. Alex’s parents began a murder investigation and have been going after Mike and Rob.

Dr Phil: Witch Hunt

The family said they will not rest until Rob is behind bars for what he did. They want justice on Mike as well, but he is in hiding. Alex’s family believes Rob’s family is hiding Mike and has been since the accident. Rob’s family said this murder investigation is a witch hunt and are coming to Dr. Phil to clear Rob’s name.


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