Dr Phil: Debra Snaps, Kidnaps Her Grandsons and Commits Murder-Suicide


Dr Phil: Grandma Debra Snaps

It is with great sadness that Dr Phil presents this story. Jeremy and Brenda Perry had two adorable boys. Alton, 2, and Ashton, six months, were the light of their lives. On February 26 2013, Alton’s second birthday, Brenda took her sons to daycare. She kissed them goodbye and thought everything was normal. She thought that her mother, Debra, was going to pick up her boys that afternoon.

Around 3 p.m. Brenda got a call saying her mother had picked up the wrong car seat. She tried to call her mother and it went straight to voicemail. She had a gut feeling that something was wrong. Jeremy hadn’t seen the boys or Debra and her sister didn’t go with Debra to get the boys.


They sent out an Amber alert and two days later Debra’s van was found. They found all three of them dead in the van. Debra had shot the boys and then turned the gun on herself.

Dr Phil: Debra’s Suicide Note

Debra left a suicide note at her home. She wrote to her family that she was a horrible mother and was sorry. She said she had a gun and planned to kill herself. Brenda’s sister was supposed to go with their mother to pick up the boys, but Debra told her she wanted to prove herself to Brenda.


Dr Phil: Debra Snaps, Kidnaps Her Grandsons and Commits Murder-Suicide

Brenda’s mother had a mental health disorder and kidnapped her children. She killed both boys and then committed suicide.

Brenda feels bad for her mother, but is also angry. This was the first time, ever, that Debra had been alone with her children. They knew she had mental health issues. She would leave threatening messages for Jeremy and had multiple personalities. Dana was her childlike mindset, Tammy a teenager, Rachel a young mother and Angel was the guardian of all of the personalities.

Brenda doesn’t believe her mother was in a personality when she took the boys.

Dr Phil: Going On After a Crisis

Jeremy said the first thing he did was console his wife. Brenda went into a calm state after screaming. The police said she was in shock. She told them to take her firearms from her home because she would be too tempted to kill herself. Jeremy fears that one day he will get caught in the negative mindset.

The first day, Brenda allowed herself to wallow in bed, but then she realized that doing that everyday meant that her mother won and she was letting her children down. Her daily ritual revolves around keeping the boys’ memory alive. She snuggles with their blankets, then gets up and opens the shades. She brings as much light as possible into the home. She then goes into their room and remembers them. Brenda and Jeremy are very driven to keep the family alive.


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