Dr Phil: Aquatic Death Investigation & Drowning Death Questions


Dr Phil: Did Kelly Kill His Wife?

Kelly Dumond has been cleared three times in the murder of his wife Peggy, but her best friends Nancy and Christine do not believe that her death was accidental. They said they are 100 percent convinced that Kelly murdered their friend.

Dr Phil: Abusive Marriage Accusations

Nancy said that watching Peggy in the relationship with Kelly was like watching a flower wilt. She noticed in May 2002 that Peggy had a lot of bruises and then a string of injuries over the years. Peggy said that she had toothaches or accidents that led to the injuries and swelling.


Dr Phil: Aquatic Death Investigation

Dr Phil: Aquatic Death Investigation & Drowning Death Questions

Christine and Nancy believe that Kelly killed their best friend Peggy.

The women hired an aquatic death investigator to look into Peggy’s death. In fact, Nancy has staged the whole thing in her mind. She believes that when Kelly came home to get his things for golf, he smothered Peggy and rendered her unconscious, but alive. He then took her and cradled her in his arms and put her in the tub. He ran the water to drown her and staged the scene and the house to look like Peggy was under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

She’s pulled phone records and found that Kelly and Peggy talked after 1:00 p.m. because Peggy was with Nancy’s parents. Nancy said that Peggy told her parents everything about Kelly. She said he was having an affair and leaving her for his girlfriend. He supposedly told her all of this the morning of her death.


Dr Phil: Sociopath Murder Theory

Christine said that she has never hated anyone the way she hates Kelly. She called him a sociopath, bully, and believes that he took Peggy for everything she had. The death devastated Nancy, Christine and their families. They refuse to let the case go because they loved Peggy.

She thinks that Kelly will lie to Dr. Phil because he thinks he is smarter than him. The women have harassed Kelly since the wake two years ago.

Dr Phil: Drowning Death Questions

Dr. Phil wonders two things about Peggy’s death. First, if the water was running why didn’t the tub overflow? Kelly said that the tub’s overflow was enough to take care of the inflow. There was no water on the floor when he arrived. He didn’t disturb the scene for the police, but 911 told him to shut off the water.

Second, if Peggy was drunk, why weren’t the bottles around the tub disturbed? If someone is staggering drunk and on pills, you would expect the place to be in disarray.


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