Dr Phil: Amber Abused With Baseball Bat & the BAITERs Evil 8 Qualities


Dr Phil: Amber Abused By Boyfriend With Baseball Bat

Amber made headlines when her boyfriend Austin beat her with a baseball bat. She spent four days in the ICU and posted a picture of her in her neck brace on his Facebook wall. Austin thought Amber was cheating and they got into a fight. She said they argued a lot, but this was the breaking point. She could have died if one of his friends hadn’t called the police.

Dr Phil: Amber Abused With Baseball Bat & the BAITERs Evil 8 Qualities

Amber was beaten by her boyfriend Austin with a baseball bat. She posted the photos to his Facebook wall. Austin is currently in jail.


Amber told Dr Phil that she has visited Austin in jail. He’s written her love letters and professed his love to her. Amber doesn’t want to be with him, but she still has feelings for him. She doesn’t love him like she used to. Their relationship was bad, but she wanted to take care of him. She fell in love with taking care of someone.

Dr Phil: BAITERs Nefarious 15

Amber’s mom Joyce visited her in the hospital. She said she was not shocked to see her daughter beaten and broken. She never liked Austin and knew that he was abusive. She actually told Amber, “You can’t keep putting me through this.”

She saw red flags in the way Austin treated her daughter. Dr Phil called him a BAITER because of the following qualities. He came up with these for his book, Life Code, which is being published by his son Jay’s publishing company, Bird Street Books. He really can’t push this book enough.


Evil 8 Qualities of BAITERs

  1. Arrogant entitlement
  2. Lack empathy
  3. No remorse/guilt
  4. Irresponsible/self destructive
  5. Thrive on drama
  6. Brag about outsmarting
  7. Short-term relationship
  8. Fantasy world/delusional

 Nefarious 15 Ways BAITERs Get Into Your Life

  1. Infiltrate your life
  2. Create conspiratorial confidante
  3. Depend on approval
  4. Build a life
  5. Misdirect
  6. Blame others
  7. Lie
  8. Frauds/Cheaters
  9. Isolate Victim
  10. Abuse authority
  11. Press hot buttons
  12. Revisionist historian
  13. Two-face/gossip
  14. Paranoid
  15. Passive aggressive sabotage



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