Dr Phil: Alleged Bully’s Family on Kill Katie Klub & Fear of Giselle


Dr Phil: Giselle Makes Facebook Comment About Aurora Shooter

Since extreme bullying happened to Katie, Giselle has tried to help her daughter in any way she can. Whether that’s the right way remains to be seen. Giselle and Katie spent 30 days talking about the bullying before deciding to go public with their story. She presented Dr Phil with large binders of information and data. Giselle has called out the community for babying their children and fueling the bullying.

Giselle said that she wanted to go public because until someone stands up to bullying, then it won’t stop. Dr Phil said she basically picked a fight with the town. He said her sweeping generalizations were wrong.


After the Aurora Shooting, Giselle made a comment on Facebook about feeling that the shooter must have come from their town. She felt like parents swept problems under the rug and no one cared. That stereotype caused the community to rally against her. While Giselle admitted to being wrong, she still stirred the drama up. It’s clear that she didn’t think before posting and she apologized for making sweeping generalizations when many parents do care.

Dr Phil: Nick’s Family Responds to “Kill Katie Klub” Accusations

Two criminal investigations have been instigated by Giselle against Nick. He’s lost his job and been bullied at school, said his family’s attorney Maria Severson. Nick’s mom feels that this situation has been very one-sided and wanted to tell their side.


Dr Phil: Alleged Bully's Family on Kill Katie Klub & Fear of Giselle

Nick, the alleged bully, told his family that he was sorry for the Kill Katie Klub comment being interpreted the way it was.

Daniel, Nick’s father, said that he never knew about any of the things Nick was saying. He said that if his son were saying those things, then he should be arrested. He doesn’t believe that his son ever said those things. The only thing that Daniel said, according to his father, was “Someone should start a ‘Kill Katie Klub,’” another girl said it should be “Krazy Katie Klub,” Nick laughed and said, “KKK,”

Nick Tries to Apologize For “Kill Katie Klub” Comment

Let’s stop there. To want to start a club against someone is an ignorant and horrible statement to make. To let that go by the wayside is bad parenting. His father agrees that what his son said is wrong. His mother jumped in and said that Nick was sorry what was said was interpreted the way it was.

Hold up, sorry for the way it was interpreted is not sorry for saying it. Nick was obviously being an ignorant and rude person. Michelle defended her son and said she felt sorry for Katie because she has no friends. Does that sound like a bullying comment to anyone else? A parent shouldn’t say things like that!

Daniel and Michelle said that their entire community is afraid of Giselle. She’s written blogs and emails about being bullied and her children having no friends at school. The accusations and right finders are making my head spin.


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