Dr Phil: 10 Reasons Sherrie Daly Wants Child Custody & To Co-Parent


Dr Phil: Sherrie Daly Clears the Air

Since her divorce from the bad boy of golf, John Daly, Sherrie Daly has been under fire from the media. It’s starting to prevent her from seeing her son and the courts have given John custody. She hasn’t seen her nine-year-old son in three months. She believes that the lifestyle John leads is hurting her son’s childhood and she just wants the fighting to stop.

Dr Phil: Teed Off By Sherrie Daly

Dr Phil: 10 Reasons Sherrie Daly Wants Child Custody & To Co-Parent

Sherrie Daly cleared the air and gave Dr Phil her 10 reasons why she would be a better parent than John Daly. (Tania Thomson / Shutterstock.com)


Sherrie wrote a book, chronicling her life with John and setting the story straight. She now said she regrets writing the book. It was the last straw for John and he began fighting for custody and using it against her.

In the book she wrote about the three women that follow men around on the PGA tour. There are the promiscuous women looking for a good time, the older women that come around every year for a meetup with the golfers and then there are the trashier women in high heels and torn hose that scout the parking lots for men. She said she was none of these things. She met John when she was at lunch with her friends, and he was very sweet to her.

Sherrie told Dr. Phil that John can be very sweet and kind when he isn’t drinking. She doesn’t want to rekindle their marriage, but she wants to peacefully co-parent with John.


Dr Phil: 10 Reasons Sherrie Thinks She Should Have Custody

Sherrie wrote 10 reasons why she would be the better parent to have custody.

  1. The children always want to come to her house. She’s always got a house full of kids for her son to hang out with.
  2. He would get to be a child.
  3. She doesn’t leave her son with a babysitter and leaves his bedroom just as he likes it.
  4. She’s a hands-on mom and wants to take care of her son.
  5. She makes him everything he wants. She does everything for him.
  6. She provides a stable home instead of traveling.
  7. Her son runs around all day because he is used to living on a tour bus 90% of the time.
  8. She pays for a tutor to help him.
  9. His face and his voice show that he is unhappy with John.
  10. He does not want to leave her house when he visits.

She just wants to co-parent her son with John and without his girlfriends around. She wants her son to know that she never hurt John. Sherrie has had a hard time getting a job because she isn’t loved like John Daly.

Hopefully this interview cleared her image so that she can move forward without the media.


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