Dr Phil: Warning Signs of Troubled Teens, Stealing Women’s Underwear


Teenage Rage: Troubled Teen Attacks Mom With Scissors

Brandon’s parents are worried about what Brandon might do. Their son is a clearly troubled teen and they fear that her could kill them or someone else. They want to help Brandon, but they fear that Brandon might hurt them in their sleep. Phyllis dreads the day that she has to hurt her son to stop him.

Brandon won’t talk to Phyllis or Barry. He shuts down and tells them both to shut up. Dr Phil believes that you always work the problem. You must figure out what’s going on before you can solve it. They are far off of what they need to be doing.


Brandon has hurt others, hurt himself, and threatened to kill himself and his family. He’s started fires at home and at school. Brandon also told authority figures to “f— off!” He’s broken electronics and stabbed scissors through the door at his mother.

Dr Phil: Warning Signs of Troubled Teens, Stealing Women's Underwear

Phyllis and Barry spoke with Dr Phil about their son, Brandon’s obsession with women’s underwear. Dr Phil presented warning signs of troubled teens.

Dr Phil: Mother Finds Women’s Underwear in Troubled Teen’s Bedroom

Inside Brandon’s bedroom, Phyllis has found several worrying possessions. He has burn marks on the carpet and outside the window and on the roof. They will find burned cotton balls and many pairs of women’s underwear.


The underwear worries Phyllis. She’s caught Brandon stealing her underwear and wearing her sports bras and bikini tops. She checked under his bed with Dr Phil’s camera crew. There she found a dizzying amount of underwear, bras and women’s clothing. Some of them were not hers and they were wet. She went in his closet and found a bag that is hers full of undergarments. She said this has only been going on for a few months.

Warning Signs of Troubled Teens: Hiding & Stealing Underwear

Dr Phil said what worries him the most about this situation is the underwear that doesn’t belong to Phyllis. The underwear and exploration itself is not the issue. Dr Phil worries that Brandon could be going into neighbors’ homes and stealing things. What if he were confronted by a husband, shot, or arrested? Dr Phil said that people of this level of adjustment or maladjustment don’t do well in prison.

When Phyllis asked her son about the underwear, he usually tells her to shut up. The first time that it happened, Brandon told Phyllis that it was like a game to him, hiding the underwear.

Warning Signs of Troubled Teens: Playing With Fire

Dr Phil made it clear that Phyllis and Barry don’t have the ability to manage Brandon at home. Phyllis has also found underwear on the roof, burn marks on the carpet, and on the roof. This is another huge warning sign for Dr Phil. Brandon on the roof with fire could have him hurting himself or burning the house down. Something drastic must be done to insure the safety of their entire family.


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