Dr Phil: Unmonitored Teen Manipulates and Lies To Parents About Men


Dr Phil: Young, Online & Out Of Control

Sierra said her parents would be shocked to know half of the trouble she has gotten into. Terri thought her daughter never got into trouble. Sierra was 14 when she started getting money and drugs for being in relationships with older men. She blames this need to be in these relationships on being bullied and feeling like a black sheep in her family. She found acceptance online.

Dr Phil: Life Code Review

Sierra and her parents have polar opposite perceptions of her life and their relationship. Terri thought their relationship was good, but Sierra felt rejected. Her parents never checked her phone or the places she was going. Dr. Phil said that love does not trump benefit of the doubt. In his new book Life Code, Dr. Phil gives parents a new rule book for this new age of parenting.


Dr Phil: Unmonitored Teen Manipulates and Lies To Parents About Men

Sierra and her parents don’t have the relationship they thought they did.

Dr Phil: Unmonitored Teens

Dr. Phil pointed out all of the differences in their relationship and stories. Terri believed that from ages 12 to 15 Sierra never had a boyfriend. Sierra dated a 28-year-old at age 12 and a married man at age 15. They gave Sierra the unmonitored freedom she needed to have these relationships.


Sierra was meeting men and getting money from them. She would tell her parents she was sleeping at a friend’s house and they dropped her off. She would then sneak out and meet men. They once dropped her off at a married man’s house for the night and didn’t check.

They thought Sierra was popular, but she was getting bullied. She was playing on the computer a lot, but really meeting and talking to men online. They didn’t think anything was wrong until a year ago when she became defiant. She was a very good manipulator and liar.

Dr Phil: Harsh Truth

Dr. Phil was very harsh on Terri, but he said it was to wake her up. He believes she wants the best for her daughter. The harsh truth is that this unmonitored teen manipulates and lies to her parents.


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