Dr Phil Unconventional Parenting & John’s Rampages = Kids Bad Behavior


Dr Phil: Laurie & John’s Parenting

Dr Phil is trying to help John and Laurie get their lives and their kids under control, but what’s the real problem here? They’ve pointed fingers at each other. John is too obsessed with money and Laurie moved 1,500 miles away from her kids. Laurie’s boyfriend Joe and the kids weighed in on what the problems are and how they need to be fixed.

Dr Phil: Unconventional Parenting

Dr Phil called Laurie and John’s parenting unconventional. The kids have been living with John for three years now as part of an experiment. They said they wanted to live with their father and Laurie let them. She then picked up and moved 1,500 miles away with her boyfriend Joe. She said she’s very happy in her new life and if it weren’t for the boys she wouldn’t think about her past at all.


Dr Phil: Joe Tells the Truth

Joe told Dr. Phil that he’s not getting the whole truth from John. He said the situation with the IRS was John’s fault. John rolled up to the meeting in an expensive suit and a Ferrari, provoking the investigation. Joe called John an alcoholic and a pathological liar. Laurie said that Joe is telling the truth about John.

Dr Phil: Laurie’s Parenting

Now Dr. Phil has the problem with Laurie and Joe. If they knew things were this bad in the home, why did they let the kids live there another day? He told Laurie she needs to get back involved and be a mother to her three boys.


Dr Phil Unconventional Parenting & John's Rampages = Kids Bad Behavior

Chris, Alex and John said their dad goes on rampages which causes them to act out.

Dr Phil Talks To Chris, Alex & John

Dr Phil went backstage to talk to the boys, whose faces were blurred for privacy reasons. Chris, Alex and John told Dr. Phil exactly how they feel about their parents.

They acknowledged that their father thinks it’s too hard to handle three kids. Chris and Alex said that they misbehave, but John, the oldest son, thinks he is a good boy. They believe that their father is overprotective and can get violent.

John said he wants to live with his mom again. She provided for them and gave them things their father can’t. Chris wants his dad to stop being mean and yelling at them. The boys thought their mother’s move was temporary, but when she didn’t come back the problems started. They began fighting with their dad and said that he hits them regularly.

Chris and Alex said they had been slapped in the face, but John said very quietly “you guys are lying.” Alex said he was trying to finish his homework when his father pulled him off the computer. He punched his dad, giving him a black eye, and ran to his room.

Dr Phil: Stability For Kids

The boys said they would like their lives to be more calm. They agreed to follow some rules if it would give them stability. They want the yelling to stop.


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