Dr Phil: Troy Dunn The Locator Looks into Sarah’s Child Custody Battle


Dr Phil: Troy Dunn The Locator 

Dr Phil sent Troy Dunn, The Locator, to meet with Sarah and Andrew. Their son Drew spends four days a week with Roberta, his grandmother, and three days a week with his parents. Sarah and Andrew don’t agree with the way that Roberta is raising their son.

Dr Phil: Troy Dunn The Locator Looks into Sarah's Child Custody Battle

Troy Dunn thought that Sarah’s family should have their son back, until their true colors came out on Dr Phil’s show.


Andrew told Troy Dunn Roberta tells his son not to worry about a career or the future. She believes that the Rapture will happen long before Drew turns 18.

The backyard of their home is full of old beer cans that Andrew said he has never drank. He said that he has just collected them. Sarah said that she just wants her son to feel loved, wanted and that “his emotions are okay to express.” She said she was never given that when she was younger.

What If Drew Chooses To Live With Grandma?

Troy pulled out a quote from Andrew. Andrew said that he wanted to wait until Sarah was in the best mindset to get their son back. Troy Dunn sensed that Drew is a power piece. They want him to be happy, but it’s more important to win. Andrew said that was a sick thought.


Troy asked what if the judge asks their son where he wants to live? What if he chooses Roberta?

“He won’t,” Sarah said with a smile and a shake of her head, almost as if it was a bad, silly thought that she wanted to shake off.

Troy Dunn: “You Can’t Have a Good Hour and a Bad Hour”

Troy said that these parents live in a nice home, but there is a lot of cigarette smoke. He could wipe the ash off of the walls.

“I think these people heat their home with cigarettes,” Troy said.

Troy and his wife have eight kids. He knows what a family should be like and he had really high hopes after his visit with these parents. He actually told his wife that he was hoping in their favor. After seeing what has gone down over at Dr Phil’s studio, he’s decided that Sarah and Andrew might not be the best parents for Drew.

“You’re a mom and a dad 24 hours a day,” Troy said. “You can’t have a good hour and a bad hour.”

Sarah and Andrew threatened to cancel on Dr Phil’s show after their interview with Troy Dunn. Even though it seemed to go well, he said that Sarah seemed heavily sedated. She didn’t realize this until she came to the show.


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