Dr Phil: Troubled Teen Brandon Attacks Parents, Therapist & Friends


Teenage Rage: Brandon Leaves Family On Constant Alert, Chases Mom With Scissors

Phyllis and Barry dream of a happy home. One where their family loves and gets along, and Phyllis doesn’t have to fear for her life. Phyllis has written the Dr Phil show 800 times. Their 15-year-old son Brandon is out of control. When asked to do simple chores, brush his teeth or take a bath, Brandon flies off the handle. He takes to breaking things, punching holes in walls, and has even chased his mother with a pair of scissors.

Barry said that their family is always on alert. He fears leaving Phyllis home alone with Brandon because he may come home and find his wife dead.


Dr Phil: Troubled Teen Brandon Attacks Parents, Therapist & Friends

Phyllis and Barry are concerned that their trouble teen son, Brandon, is out of control. He chases his mother with scissors and attacks authority figures.

Dr Phil: Troubled Teen Attacks Teachers & Police Can’t Help

“Brandon goes off on a light switch,” Phyllis said that she gets hit, punched and spit at when Brandon rages. In a video of their altercation Brandon tells his mother that he could hurt her, and then proceeds to do so.

Brandon hasn’t limited his violence to the home. He’s told police, therapists and judges to “f— off” and has shoved teachers at school. He’s started fires at home and school, thrown their dogs across the room and smeared feces on the walls. Phyllis said she has called the police about 50 times. The police told Barry and Phyllis that they can’t do anything with Brandon until he commits a felony.


“He’s got to stab my wife before they can take him away?” Barry asked.

Dr Phil: Brandon’s Brain Issues Began at Age Six

Brandon’s issues started when he was around six. He was camping with the scouts and they heard a scream. Barry said that another child had been hit in the head with a flashlight. Brandon admitted to doing it, without remorse.

Brandon recently ran at his mother and grandmother with a baseball bat because they refused to buy him a baseball glove. He’s told his mother he doesn’t know how she could love a child like him.

23 Medications & Weapon Checks Used to Keep Troubled Teen Calm

Brandon is one about 23 medications and has been in multiple treatment facilities. Nothing has produced lasting results. To protect themselves, Barry and Phyllis have to check Brandon’s clothing and bedroom for weapons, such as screwdrivers and lighters. They’ve also installed locks on various doors in their home so that Phyllis has a safe room to run to.


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