Dr Phil: The Locator Troy Dunn Finds Brenda Lee, Why Did She Leave?


Dr Phil: Who Is Muriel Searching For?

Muriel, Brandi and Les were taken by their father as babies and haven’t seen their mom in 32 years. Muriel said she wants to find her mother, Brenda Lee, in order to have some peace about why she hasn’t looked for them. Their father abused them in horrific, nightmarish ways until he died.

Dr Phil: The Locator Troy Dunn Finds Brenda Lee, Why Did She Leave?

The Locator Troy Dunn found Brenda Lee, but will her kids welcome her with open arms?


The Locator Troy Dunn talked with Muriel about why she wants to find her mother. Muriel told him she wants to be a good mom and supportive wife because she never had that as a kid. She doesn’t want the past to affect her life anymore. Dunn asked her if she’s looking for her mom or for herself. Muriel realized she is looking for herself.

Dr Phil: The Locator Finds Brenda Lee

Dunn and Dr. Phil’s team found Brenda Lee and made contact with her. Muriel said she just wants to know if she is alive and happy. Brandi wonders why she would allow her kids to be taken and not try to stop it. Les just wants to know that she is healthy and happy.

Dr. Phil said Brenda Lee wants to meet her kids, but they need to agree to Dr. Phil’s terms. They need to be open to hearing her out and then say how they really feel.


Les asked Dr. Phil why she wants to meet now and why the Dr. Phil show changes things.

Dr Phil: Brenda Lee Reunites With Her Kids

In a tear-jerking reunion, Brenda Lee got to see her children again for the first time in 32 years. She hugged them all and said she never stopped wanting to find them. She was told by their father that if she tried to find them and take them he would kill them all.

Brenda Lee married their father, Ralph, in her aunt’s basement at 18. After the wedding he took her to a motel, beat her and told her that she was his property and he was the boss. She had their first son, Ralph Lester, and then her husband forced her to miscarry because he didn’t want another baby.

Brenda Lee waited it out until she had a chance to run. She packed up her kids and moved in with her mother. A few months later he showed up with his stuff and said he was moving in. She said no and ran next door to call the police. She couldn’t afford a telephone. When she got back, the kids were gone. He had taken them all.

Brenda Lee went to the police and the courts with letters Ralph sent her. He said that if she tried to come after them he would kill them all. Dr Phil found the police reports Brenda Lee filed to verify for the siblings that their mother was telling the truth.


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