Dr Phil: The Fight For Baby Milo & Immature Teen Father Wants Custody


Dr Phil: The Fight For Baby Milo

Last time on Teen Mom – Oh, wait, this is Dr Phil. Kayla and Vincent did not use protection and now they have a nine-month-old baby, Milo. Kayla tried to get on the popular TV series 16 & Pregnant but was turned down. Everyone believes that she got pregnant on purpose.

Dr Phil: The Fight For Baby Milo & Immature Teen Father Wants Custody

The fight for baby Milo heats up when Vincent’s dad, Lewis, brings out Facebook conversations.


Kayla decided she wasn’t ready to be a mom, so she gave custody of Milo to her mother, Jill. Jill hopes that by having Kayla around Milo she will want to take on more parenting roles. Jill wants what is best for Milo.

Vincent decided to fight for custody, but he lost. The court saw him as immature. His father, Lewis, has now come to Dr Phil to explain his son’s side and fight for his right to custody. Jill thinks that babies need their mothers and Vincent is an unfit parent.

Dr Phil: Psycho Grandparents

It’s clear that these people hate each other. Kayla told Lewis that she was going to interrupt him every time he tried to speak. Lewis told her to kindly shut it. Vincent wants nothing to do with Kayla and her family after losing custody. Lewis said that he and his wife would help Vincent raise his son just as they are helping his sister raise her baby.


Lewis called Mike a psycho and Jill a mindless idiot and psycho grandmother. He thinks that the parents of these kids should be helping the kids raise Milo. He said he will do whatever it takes to make Mike snap and make Jill look dumb. Dr Phil asked how that would help his case and make his family look mature and capable.

Dr Phil: Lewis’ Immature Moves

The level of maturity on the stage is pretty low. Just on appearances, Jill seems to be the fit guardian for Milo. Vincent is too self absorbed and Lewis is too immature. Lewis keeps bringing forward Facebook conversations between Kayla and his wife. Facebook is such a high school tactic. Next I’m expecting him to pull raunchy TwitPics.



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