Dr Phil: Terri’s Functional Blindness To Sierra’s Abuse and Problems


Dr Phil: Young, Online & Out Of Control

Sierra hid a lot from her parents. She’s been meeting older men online on a regular basis for years and has been abused by men for most of her teenage life. She has no self-worth, is defiant of her parents and feels like these relationships fulfill her.


Dr Phil: Terri’s Past Abuse

Unfortunately, Sierra’s mother Terri had a similar past. She was abused and thought that it would make her more aware. She never wanted anything like this to happen to her daughter. She doesn’t understand how she could have missed the signs.

Dr Phil: Terri's Functional Blindness To Sierra's Abuse and Problems

Sierra is still using her cell phone to meet up with older men.

Dr. Phil said when these things happen people can either become hypersensitive or numb to these situations. While it’s not an excuse, Terri had a functional blindness to her daughter’s problems.


Dr Phil: Sierra’s Low Self-Worth

Sierra said she feels like someone else online. After being bullied and made to feel like she is worthless, she found comfort in these older men and what they gave her. Dr. Phil assured her that these men are pedophiles and deviants. They are not giving her real love and she is confusing love and abuse.

Dr Phil: Bad Therapy

Terri took her daughter to a counselor and a therapist. They told her and Sierra to compromise, so Sierra still has her phone with the Internet on it. Dr. Phil was livid. He said that these therapists are not doing a good job and are enabling Sierra. She said that she has been contacting men on her phone. Her therapists also told her to try having multiple loves because she is wary of commitment.

Dr. Phil said Sierra needs to be completely cut off from the Internet. It’s not just enough to monitor her phone. Her parents are abdicating their roles. Dr. Phil was very upset with the counseling that Terri had been receiving and had a plan to help her.


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