Dr Phil: Teen Pregnancy Plan & Karieann’s Daughter Agrees To Help


Dr. Phil: Teen’s Pregnancy Plan

After speaking with Karieann, a mom who was concerned about her 14-year-old daughter’s obsession with getting pregnant, Dr. Phil sat down with the teen herself. As you might imagine, her teen pregnancy plan didn’t make much sense once Dr. Phil helped to parse it out.

Dr Phil: Teen Pregnancy Plan & Karieann's Daughter Agrees To Help

Dr. Phil spoke with Karieann’s 14-year-old daughter and convinced her that getting pregnant is a bad idea.


“I don’t feel like I’m loved by my mom,” Karieann’s daughter said. She feels that a baby would fix all of her emotional problems and help resolve her issues with her mother. “I would feel loved and give the baby the attention that I never really got,” she explained.

However, the teen’s plan pretty much begins and ends with getting pregnant. What would she do once the baby was born? She hadn’t given it much thought. She would try to get a job, but at 14, her options are pretty limited. When Dr. Phil explained that it costs about a quarter of a million dollars to raise a child, her response was, “that’s a lot of money.”

When Karieann’s daughter explained that she’d have her “baby daddy” pay her expenses, it showed how naive she truly was. Dr. Phil said that boys don’t usually stick around after getting girls pregnant, because they aren’t mature adults, either. What would actually happen in this situation is that Karieann would be raising two children instead of just one.


Dr. Phil: Convincing Teen To Get Help

When Dr. Phil began to state the obvious, Karieann’s daughter actually started to come around. He suggested she fix her relationship problems with her mom, instead of adding more problems. “I actually really agree with you,” the teen said, and agreed to get help alongside her mom. She even pinky swore to stop trying to get pregnant.


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