Dr Phil: Teen Mom Kayla Gives Up Son Milo & Vincent Fights For Custody


Dr Phil: Teen Moms

When MTV introduced their popular reality series about pregnant teens they had no way of knowing it would spark situations like this one. Kayla is 18 and her ex-boyfriend Vincent is 17. They have a nine-month-old baby, Milo. Kayla said that they decided to forgo protection when they were dating because they didn’t like it. And thus Milo was created.

Vincent said Kayla wanted to get pregnant. They thought it would be sweet and cute to get pregnant and have a baby. Kayla was living with her father because he lets her do what she wants. Her mother, Jill, was stunned. Immediately after getting pregnant, Kayla applied to be on the reality TV series 16 & Pregnant. She was turned down but Jill knew that her daughter got pregnant to get on TV.


Dr Phil: Kayla Gives Up Custody

Kayla found out fast that she wasn’t going to have the lifestyle she wanted. She couldn’t party or go out with friends. She signed custody of Milo over to Jill and her stepdad. She told Dr Phil she got pregnant for the show and to trap her boyfriend. She thought they would be happy, but Vincent broke up with her before she gave birth.

Kayla has no job, no money and failed cosmetology school. Her mother wonders when she will shape up and take on the duties of a parent.


Dr Phil: Teen Mom Kayla Gives Up Son Milo & Vincent Fights For Custody

Kayla told Dr Phil she became a teen mom on purpose to get on the show 16 & Pregnant and trap her boyfriend, Vincent.

Dr Phil: Vincent Fought For Custody

Vincent thinks he is a hot shot. He brags that he has 5,000 Facebook friends and 600 waiting to be friended. What that has to do with his son, I still haven’t figured out. He said there is no chance of getting back together with Kayla. Vincent wants custody of Milo, but is still in high school and has no money. His parents would be raising Milo.

When they got pregnant, Vincent said he was on the verge of breaking up with Kayla. She told him she loved him and he stayed out of pity. They ran out of protection when Milo was conceived. He thought that because his brothers had never gotten a girl pregnant he wouldn’t either.

Vincent fought for custody of Milo and lost. Kayla said he has a bad temper, is self-centered and snaps. Vincent called Kayla “the Devil” and a horrible person that just wants to be famous. They sound like a lovely pair.


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