Dr Phil: Teen Daughter’s Physical Violence – She Beats Her Parents


Dr Phil: Gorgeous, Gifted And Brutal

What happens when your teenager is completely out of control? A lot of screaming, apparently. Dr Phil wanted to help parents Clint and Tracy figure out what to do with their troubled 17-year-old daughter, Callie. This teen daughter’s physical violence is harming everyone in her family.

Tracy is an award-winning schoolteacher, but things aren’t going well at home. Her daughter has turned violent and is prone to outbursts. The girl used to be sweet and loving, but now her mom said she is just vicious.


Dr Phil: Teen Daughter's Physical Violence - She Beats Her Parents

Dr Phil met parents who say their teen daughter’s physical violence is tearing their family apart. She beats her parents and they videotape her outbursts.

Home videos show how out of control, loud, and upsetting the girl is around the house. Her mother is afraid of her violent behavior and tantrums. She has caused damage around the house and will go after any family members.

Dr Phil: Violent Teen Beats Parents

Father Clint said he doesn’t know how to manage his daughter anymore. The police have been to the house multiple times, once because Callie broke her mother’s nose and gave her two black eyes.


Callie does not seem to like being recorded, but they tape interactions with her because she will later deny that incidents have occurred. Clint would rather be deployed in Iraq than live overseas. Dr Phil said he could not believe this happened overnight.

“This is a family problem,” he told the parents. The police visits have escalated as Callie’s behavior has spiraled. “If you want this fixed, it’s not about Callie.”

Dr Phil: Teen Daughter’s Physical Violence

Tracy said the behavior only happens in the family home. One of the most explosive fights between Callie and her mother happened on video. Tracy was attempting to confiscate her daughter’s phone.

There was screaming and the camera work was shaky. Eventually, Clint had to intervene and pull his daughter off his wife. Tracy knows that her daughter does not like having her belongings taken away. Yeah, that’s why it’s a punishment.

Dr Phil advised that engaging in physical battles brings the parents down to their daughter’s level of immaturity. “You’re contributing to the crisis,” he said. “There are no teachable moments there.”

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  1. says

    I believe that the parents just should have let her act out until she got 18 and then kicked her out. She would have been fine. She had a job after school. She has the skills to cope in the dangerous world out there.

    For ordinary people these wilderness programs is out of reach. They are among the sponsors of the Dr. Phil show, but even if ordinary people could afford them they shouldn’t. The specific program has already lost two children in their care. Children who were sent there to save them, but children who didn’t return home because they died. Short to say: They should have been shut down.

    There is not anything with this girl which could justify a placement outside home. What we saw is ordinary teenager behavior. A decent high school like the own in my town with a friday bar on campus where she could improve her ability to socialize would have straighten her out.

    • Krystle O'Friel says

      Wow that’s exactly what I was trying to figure out what this program right away and of course all the YouTube videos you can’t comment on and nothing of the sort so that just goes just tell that this source is completely not okay like children dying like that poor girl is going to be an adult in less than six months why is she being treated like that??

      I would really like to find out more about her more about this program and sure there’s got to be lawyers out there that are willing to find your ask her if this is what she wants because this is unfair!!!!….:,(

  2. John says

    We had the same situation in my house. Three girls… and the oldest acted just like this young woman on the show! The scary part is that not only were myself and my wife abused… so were my two younger daughters. I finally had to throw her out at aged 22. I was left with absolutely no recourse and it saddens me to this day. EVERYTHING this young lady did my daughter was at least 10 times worse.

  3. Vicki says

    Are you kidding me? Normal teenage behavior? I don’t think so. I would never allow my children to behave this way. The girl is on DRUGS. She isn’t making good decisions for herself and is putting herself in very dangerous situations. Not only that, but her behavior is criminal! I would have turned her in as an “unruly teen” and had her arrested. I wouldn’t have bailed her out and I would have put her crazy, self-centered, disrespectful butt in rehab and family counseling. This is NOT “normal” teenage behavior. If this is something you did to your parents or you let your children behave this way without getting them treatment, perhaps you are the problem.

  4. Michael says

    Vicki you are just as ignorant as Dr. Phill himself. This is normal teenage behavior. The only reason this teen is lashing out is because of the reason the teenager described herself: the controlling nature of her parents. The teens parents had NO right to send her off to a place she did not want to go especially at her age! Yes she is on drugs but remember its marijuana! Everyone kid I know is on that and what are the side effects? Abosolutely None! Does doing marijuana make you a bad person? Absolutely not. Does forcing your child to go to a camp that would make then hate you for years on end make you a bad person? Actually, yes. Dr. Phil is making a big deal out of nothing and making this kid look worse than she really is. It is the parents fault not hers. Dr. Phil please go back to school.

  5. Karen says

    She wanted their financial support but claimed to be an adult. She wanted a phone that they probably paid for, a car they most likely provided and insured and a home with all its amenities. If it was so bad there, then give up the things the parents provide and leave. I know first hand as a parent. I think to say it is normal behavior is total crap. It isn’t even remotely normal. This girl wanted what she wanted when she wanted it and when not allowed to have it because verbally and physically abusive to get it. I think it is evident at the end that she wanted her mom because she knew she could push her buttons. And for the person who said that the camps are dangerous because 2 children died is ridiculous. How many kids die every day because of drugs and alcohol? I can bet it is way more than 2.

  6. Cindy says

    This definitely NOT a normal teen behavior.
    She lashes not only when/because she was going to a disciplinary camp, she lashes out whenever she doesn’t get what she wants or being disciplined.
    Many teenagers didn’t or don’t do drugs or marijuana as well.

  7. Cee says

    I seldom comment on threads, but after reading several comments, and realizing that the people who wrote them are most likely the people who contribute in some fashion to our overpopulated prison system. Here’s the thing folks, one, pot isn’t the issue, neither is the ecstasy, (that was conviently not mentioned.) her criminal behavior is the issue. It is not normal behavior to punch someone in the face, it’s not normal to break the law. For all you who are so concerned about this program that’s killed two others, why don’t you consider this, her other option is prison. Get a grip folks and wake the fu#k up! People who behave like this do not continue to get away with their behaviors in the real world. Instead, they’re prosecuted for their illegal actions. I’d say her chance of survival in a wilderness program are scores above her odds in prison.

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