Dr Phil Talks to Troubled Teen About Stealing & Setting Fires at Home


Dr Phil: Warning Signs of Troubled Teen & Mental Disorders

Dr Phil told Barry and Phyllis that they are in over their heads here. Teens of this level can turn deadly should they not get properly care and help. It could even go as far as Brandon burning their home down, with them locked inside.

Dr Phil Talks to Troubled Teen About Stealing & Setting Fires at Home

Dr Phil talked one on one with Brandon, a troubled teen. Brandon wants to get better, because now he is stealing and setting fires at home.


The list of critical warning signs that Brandon exhibits is long and appears to be growing; violence, cruelty to animals, fire setting, playing with feces, rebellion to authority, misfit socially, unusual adjustment with fetish-type behavior, violence against himself, making threats to self and others, destruction of property and a lack of empathy.

Brandon has been to 14 different treatment centers and Dr Phil wants to try and translate what all of these problems mean.

Dr Phil: Troubled Teen Brandon Explains His Behavior, Doesn’t Feel Like A Bad Person

Brandon said that he has good days and bad days. He believes he is a good person, but he has spells. He loves his family and friends. Brandon said he enjoys fishing, but when he gets violent he worries he might hurt someone. He worries he might go to prison if nothing changes and agrees he needs help.


Phyllis said that her son acts like a child, but rages like an out of control man. He is in the 9th grade, but operates on a 4th grade level. This just adds to the worrying signs.

Dr Phil Speaks to Troubled Teen Brandon Alone

Brandon’s parents agreed that Dr Phil could speak to Brandon alone. Everyone wants Brandon to get help and feel better. Brandon wasn’t very receptive to talking to Dr Phil.

Brandon told Dr Phil that his anger is a split-second thing. A lot of things, like rules and restrictions, make him mad. He likes to watch the fires he has set. He knows he hurts people and it makes him sad to hurt his mother. He said he chases her to get her mad.

As for the underwear, Brandon wouldn’t explain where he got it or how it got under his bed. He believes someone else put it there. He knows that the treatment centers he has been in do not help him. He knows his family loves him because he can be a good person.

After talking to Brandon, Dr Phil brings out Dr Frank Lawlis, a chairman on the Dr Phil advisory board. They both agree that Brandon’s processing is “unsophisticated and not developed for his age.” They took notice of the anger than Brandon showed when questioned.



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