Dr Phil Spoiled Girl Calls Parents Cheap Scum Bags & Has No Discipline


Dr Phil: Spoiling Your Child

Lorrie and Todd have two daughters, an 18-year-old college student and a 13-year-old. While the 18-year-old grew up perfectly normal, somewhere along the line, the 13-year-old became a spoiled, selfish brat. That’s putting it nicely.

Dr Phil Spoiled Girl Calls Parents Cheap Scum Bags & Has No Discipline

Laurie and Todd’s spoiled child is ruining their home and is out of control.


Lorrie said her younger daughter treats her like doormat. Lorrie cuts up her food at dinner and picks up after her around the house. The daughter said she cannot be forced to do chores becuase of child labor laws and she will report her parents. She stashes food and drinks around the house wherever she goes.

Todd said she is spoiled rotten. They gave her an iPad when she turned 11, and last year they gave her $300 and a cake from Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey. There is no discipline for their daughter. This year, they gave her $150 and she called them “cheap.” She then went online and bought a bunch of summer dresses that she would have grown out of by the time she got to wear them.

Dr Phil: All Talk, No Action

These parents have a big problem. Dr. Phil said that every year she gets older, the girl will only get worse. The older daughter wrote in to Dr. Phil because her parents are “all talk, no action.” She lives at home while attending college and is tired of dealing with her little sister. The 13-year-old cried the day of her sister’s prom because the day wasn’t about her.


Dr Phil: Out Of Control Teen

Their daughter’s personality and behavior are out of control. She calls them scum bags for using coupons because she thinks it is embarrassing and cheap. She is never grounded longer than two hours. Lorrie was cutting up her food until a month ago when she realized that her daughter is 13 and can do it herself. The girl threw a fit and said she didn’t know how to do it.



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    I would like to thank you very much for your show today. I think you’ve helped me see what’s going on with my 5 year old granddaughter. She’s supposed to be tested for ADDHD but she’s just like you described on your show today. She doesn’t care what she does or who she hurts to get her way. She’s very mean. I can hardly go around her. This past Christmas she got a Mini-I-Pad and she has no respect for it. I asked my daughter what was going to be next.

    Is there anyway I can find out more information on infantile tyrant? I would greatly appreciate anything.

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