Dr Phil: Signs You Are Replacing Your Child & Neglectful Parenting


Dr Phil: Family On Fire

Dr Phil: Signs You Are Replacing Your Child & Neglectful Parenting

Alyssa is angry with her mother for choosing another girl over her own children.

When their home went up in flames, Jennifer saved the only child that wasn’t hers. Her daughter, Alyssa, jumped from a two story window to save herself. She thought that her two siblings were dead in the flames. Thankfully, everyone got out of the fire. The problem now is that Jennifer is not being a parent to her kids.


Dr Phil: Too Many People In One Home

Let’s just do a running tally of everyone in the house: Jennifer, her husband, a baby, her husband’s kids, Jennifer’s three kids, Jennifer’s ex-husband and Alyssa’s boyfriend. Dr Phil counted 11 people living in the home and 10 were there during the fire.

Alyssa planned to jump out of the window after her father. Someone instead pushed her out at the same time and she broke her ankle in three places.

Dr Phil’s first suggestion is to get the extra people out of their home. That’s way too many people living there. The ex-husband and the teen boyfriend need to go.


Dr Phil: Alyssa’s Side

Alyssa’s main feeling is that her mother let her down. She felt that her mother should have run in after her siblings and pulled them all out safely. Jennifer’s husband got his kids out, why didn’t Jennifer?

Of course, adding to the drama is Tori, Alyssa’s former friend and mother of the baby. Tori lives with Jennifer because she has nowhere else to go. Alyssa and her siblings are living with their grandmother while Tori and the baby live with Jennifer.

Alyssa feels like her mother replaced her. She believes that Tori gets whatever she wants and her mom does everything with Tori. She said she doesn’t have a mom anymore. Alyssa has tried to tell her mother how she feels, but she won’t listen.

Dr Phil: Is Jennifer Replacing Her Daughter?

Jennifer’s rebuttal was that Tori is not welcome at the grandmother’s home because of what Alyssa says about her. Jennifer thinks Alyssa has been spouting lies to her family. She goes to visit them and she cringes when she pulls up. Jennifer gets grilled by her family about why she isn’t doing a better job at being a mother.

Jennifer thinks that Alyssa is hateful and mean. She insisted she isn’t replacing her daughter, but Tori’s baby calls her “Nana.” Jennifer calls the baby her granddaughter.


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