Dr Phil Should You Stay Together For The Kids & Making Kids Pick Sides


Dr Phil: Loveless Marriage

James and Dawn have been living in a loveless and unfaithful marriage. Their children wrote in to Dr Phil in hopes of pulling their family back together. Dawn has been cheating on her husband and has been very open about it. James hid his cheating from his wife and kids, causing them a lot of pain. He’s been cheating for three years and now his kids want it to stop.

Dr Phil Should You Stay Together For The Kids & Making Kids Pick Sides

Dr Phil apologized to the kids for their parents. He said it’s not fair that they are put in the middle of their fighting and it’s because of Dawn and James’ maturity level.


Dr Phil: Stay Together For the Kids?

The kids were the ones that wrote in to the show about their parents. They are very upset with their father for his indiscretions. His stepson hates James for hurting his mom. The two girls, who were not shown because they are minors, want their family back.

The girls found out when they saw their dad texting his girlfriend. They want their parents to stop making them choose sides. Camron, 21, doesn’t have his dad around anymore and wants his stepdad to resolve the issues and be there for him and his sisters.

Dr Phil: Putting Kids In the Middle Of a Divorce

While their parents had been the ones that dragged their kids into the problems, they want to give them peace. They want to give the kids whatever they want.


Dr Phil apologized to the kids for their problems. It’s not fair what they’ve had to go through as kids and young adults.

Dr Phil: Why Are We In the Middle?

Camron said that his stepfather doesn’t treat him like a real son. James has refused to send his daughter to college because he doesn’t think she can do well in school. He also refused to put up a basketball hoop for his other daughter, until the Dr Phil show called.

The girls wanted to know why their family was so messed up and how they can fix it. Camron wanted to know why they fight as they do and how they can stop. Their parents weren’t surprised by the questions.

Dr Phil said that the family has a lot of problems and the marriage may not be fixable. He said they are in the middle of their parent’s drama because Dawn and James aren’t mature enough.


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