Dr Phil: Reparenting Blain & Ashley & Sweet 16 Lessons From Life Code


Dr Phil: Sue & Andy’s Marriage

Sue and Andy have been together for 20 years and married for 12. They know each other fairly well and raised two kids from Sue’s previous marriage together. Still, Andy and Sue fight and Sue is afraid of displeasing Andy.

Dr Phil: Reparenting Blain & Ashley & Sweet 16 Lessons From Life Code

Dr Phil told Sue and Andy that they need to reparent Blain and Ashley using the principles found in his book Life Code.


Dr Phil: Sue’s Children

Sue’s children from a previous marriage believe that it takes two to tango. Blain, 25, used to think that his mom was the victim and that Andy was a horrible person. He would get in shoving matches with Andy as a kid and was afraid of him. As he got older, Blain realized that his mom keeps the fights going. When Andy walks away, Sue will follow him and keep the fight going.

Ashley is 21 and still lives at home. She hears the fighting constantly and thinks that her mom is being deeply affected. She doesn’t want to move out because she is afraid of what will happen to her mom. She said she felt like the parent growing up. She never wants to go home, but Blain was lucky enough to escape and move out seven years ago.

Sue misses Blain living at home. She named him the peacekeeper and Dr Phil said that’s not a good job to put on a child.


Dr Phil: Life Code

Andy wants Sue to help out, but she said she tries and can never please him. Ashley said that Sue is treated horribly and Blain is afraid of the example Sue sets.

Sue said she is happy to be on Dr. Phil because she wants the help. Andy said he’s also glad because he wants the help. Dr Phil said he’s not going to like where he’s going now. Ladies and gentleman, it’s time to talk about Life Code. I’m sure that everyone in the world knows about this book now.

Life Code, published by Jay McGraw’s publishing company Bird Street Books, is now a New York Times bestseller. It was written for people like Sue and Andy. It could help them reparent their kids, especially Ashley, to help them see how the world has changed. His Sweet 16 rules for winners can fix the damage that Sue and Andy’s fighting did to their kids.


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