Dr Phil Parenting 101: How To Be the Best Parent for Your Child


Super Religious Grandmother Worries Parents

Roberta is extremely religious. You might wonder what that entails. It’s not just praying every night or attending church more than twice a week or even scolding swearing. No, Roberta has told her grandson that grades and his future don’t matter, because he is going to experience The Rapture, or second coming of Jesus Christ, before he turns 18.

Dr Phil Parenting 101: How To Be the Best Parent for Your Child

Dr Phil told Sarah and Andrew that they are not ready to be full-time parents. He gave them tools on how to be the best parent for their son, Drew.


Roberta has also put salt on her doors and put oil crosses on her forehead to protect her from Andrew and Sarah’s sins.

“Drew needs a strong father, not a crazy, fundamentalist grandmother to raise him,” Andrew said.

Sarah & Andrew Are Not Ready To Be Full-Time Parents

Dr Phil wanted to give these parents the truth as he has seen it in their interview and meeting.


“I’m going to put verbs in my sentences,” Dr Phil said his catchphrase, that means business.

In his opinion, he doesn’t think that Drew should be given back to Sarah and Andrew right now. He believes that Sarah and Andrew need long term counseling to get to the place where they can be full-time parents. They are struggling with issues of depression, alcohol and medication.

How To Be the Best Parent For Your Child

Dr Phil told a tearful Sarah that he wants to give her every resource to get better. He wants her to get her emotions and medications under control. Andrew is going get help for his alcohol abuse in his hometown.

In footage from just a few moments ago, Sarah had trouble keeping her eyes open. Her new medication is not regulated and she has gained 10 pounds in a month. Dr Phil wants both parents to find a way to get their lives back on track and get their son back.

Dr Phil: Children Belong With Their Parents

Roberta believes that Drew belongs with his parents, but is there in the meantime. Dr Phil knows that she is getting older and Drew needs his parents. Both parties agreed that this counseling and treatment is best for everyone involved.

Dr Phil said that the most important thing about his job is to be a voice for the children in these situations. He believes that “parent” is more than a noun, it’s a verb. He wants to help Sarah and Andrew get the help they need so they can parent Andrew in the best way.


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