Dr Phil: Lexi Models Rita’s Behavior & Girls Lacking Male Role Models


Dr Phil: Perfect Daughter Turns Into Menace

Jennifer’s daughter was once the perfect Girl Scout, but something flipped in their relationship and now she is a terror. She started out just being defiant of her mother and then it turned into violent behavior. Jennifer said her daughter wakes up and you can feel the mood change in the home.

Dr Phil: Lexi Models Rita's Behavior & Girls Lacking Male Role Models

Lexi and Jennifer’s daughter are modeling their mothers’ behavior.


The girl will often get physically violent with Jennifer. She blocks her from entering rooms, punches her when she tells her to do things and steals her laptop.

Dr Phil: Violence In Jennifer’s Home

Jennifer realized after hearing Lexi and Rita that a lot more of the blame is on her than it seemed. She realized her daughter is hurting a lot more than she thought. She hears the things Lexi was saying to her mom in her daughter’s voice. Her daughter often says that she doesn’t listen.

Her daughter has had seven detentions, in-school suspensions and defies authority. She often yells at Jennifer and tells her that she is mean to her. Jennifer said she gives up on her when it gets hard. Her daughter often defies her authority and waves it in her face that she isn’t afraid of her.


Dr Phil noticed that her daughter puts a lot of energy into getting away from her, so this goes deeper than she realizes. Jennifer has tried to take away the things her daughter likes and stripped her room down to the basics. Her daughter still defies her.

Dr Phil: Modeling Jennifer’s Behavior

Jennifer noticed the bad behavior starting in 2009 when she entered recovery for alcoholism. She sees a lot of herself in her daughter. She called her “an addict without the drugs” and more likely to take the easy way. She thinks it is only a matter of time until her daughter turns to drugs.

Dr Phil believes that these mothers are shaping their daughters into what they are. It’s not just about Jennifer’s daughter not wanting to get up in the morning.

Dr Phil: Source of Her Daughter’s Violence

In 2007, Jennifer was addicted to opiates. Her daughter was seven and she watched her mother battle with addiction. Jennifer knows that it affected her daughter greatly.

Her father left their family when she was only two-months-old. Jennifer had no idea that her daughter was reaching out to him every day for guidance and love, but he continues to refuse her. He turns off his Facebook, deletes her messages and blocks her from his life.

The only other male role model in her daughter’s life was Jennifer’s father. He passed away in 2010 and Jennifer found his obituary in her daughter’s pocket months later. Her daughter still carries it around, laminated in her pocket. She refuses to say that he is dead because that makes it real. Jennifer said his death was the trigger for the physical violence. Her daughter suffers from a lack of male role models.

Dr Phil: Lexi Models Rita

The same goes for Lexi and Rita. Rita is modeling the behavior that Lexi exhibits daily. She caves on discipline, argues with the school board and wonders why Lexi acts the way she does. No one listens to Lexi, so she writes on the walls so they will hear her.

The mothers don’t know where to go from here. Luckily, they’ve come to Dr. Phil.


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