Dr Phil: Leah’s Sons Want Healing for Family After Sister’s Death


Dr Phil: Family Torn Apart by Devastating Car Crash

Michael and Brent lost their sister Jessica in a devastating car accident 10 years ago. Their mother, Leah, struggled the most with her daughter’s death. While they love their mother, they hate to see the way she treats their father, they want her to feel good and heal.

Dr Phil: Leah's Sons Want Healing for Family After Sister's Death

Leah’s sons, Michael and Brent, want healing for their family. Dr Phil told Leah that her living children are important and need her love.


Michael was paralyzed in the accident and Jessica died on impact. Brent walked away from the accident, but both boys were lost in the grief from their sister’s death.

Michael & Brent Want Healing For Their Mother & The Family

Dr Phil pulled Michael and Brent forward to hear more about their family. Michael said that his family is his life, no matter what their problems they have a lot of love. He said that his mother is too hard on herself and she should give herself more credit for her hard work.

Brent agrees with his brother. Michael was in the ICU and Brent was too little to visit him. He cried when remembering the time when his sister died. He wanted everyone to be OK then and wants to move forward now. Brent wants his sisters to know what it’s like to have your parents love each other and have their parents together. The girls sense the anger in the home. Michael said that this has made him hide his emotions because he wants to be strong, but he never got to attend Jessica’s funeral and have closure.


Dr Phil: Family Wants Mom to Move On From Daughter’s Death

The boys feel that the last thing Jessica wants is for her family to be held up by her death. Dr Phil agreed and said that Jessica is probably cheering them on to heal and live life.

Leah said that her sons don’t understand their lives behind closed doors. The boys want their family together and to be happy. Leah said she needs to know what the problems are before she can fix the problems.



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